Marvel Premiere. Dawn of X 7

Although we are still in the second cycle of the Krakoan Age of the mutants (the first would be Dynasty of X/Powers of X and on the horizon are X of Swords and reign of X), dawn of X 7 marks a change in trend compared to the previous semester. On the one hand, as we already discussed last month, we get rid of the expendable Fallen angels and we have the first issue of the first series of the second wave of titles, the new collection of Wolverine, that had been without its own title since 2014. And, on the other hand, from this seventh volume, dawn of X It is no longer a month-to-month reissue of all the mutant series.

Open the volume with the seventh number of new mutantsthe last one written by jonathan hickman, which ends its story starring the original members here, centered on the friendship between Sam Guthrie and Roberto DaCosta as the soul of the original series. Dozens of members have passed through the different series with the title New Mutants, but the bromance between Cannonball and Sunspot continues to be one of the high points in the group’s history. To the drawing we have Rod Reisan artist with a remarkably personal style that is lavished less than we would like, and that fortunately will continue for a while here.

We continue with the first issue of the new regular series of Wolverine. Part of him, at least. The first American number had two stories, the first of which we have in this volume, and the second will come in #11. The first contact with this new title has been correct at the plot level, but without getting excited: the scriptwriter, Benjamin Percydoes a more than correct job, but we are basically dealing with a comic of X-Force, a series that he also writes, with the focus on the mutant with the adamantium claws. The story revolves around drugs derived from Krakoa plants, and the representation of Wolverine -and the rest of the group- is totally consistent with what has been seen so far from Dynasty of X/Powers of X. But perhaps for the return of the regular series of Wolverine after six years in the dry dock we expected something more grand.

Where we do not have the slightest complaint is in the drawing: adam kubert He is without a doubt one of the best cartoonists -if not directly the best- who have gone through the various Wolverine collections and we have him here in impeccable form.

dawn of x 7 pg2

The number of marauders it also revolves around the drugs of Krakoa. But given that, after the events of the previous number, Kate Pryde will be absent for a season, this number focuses on other members of the group, while taking the opportunity to introduce a character that we will see around here with some frequency from now and whom we had only seen on a couple of fleeting occasions in the Age of Krakoa: Callisto enters the white team of the Hellfire Club. To the drawing, we have Stefano Caselli as the series’ new regular artist.

We mentioned at the beginning that from dawn of X 7 there were changes in the content. In addition to Wolverine’s debut, the tradition of including a number from each regular series is broken. In this volume we do not have delivery of X-Forceand instead there are two numbers of Excalibur, that form a mini plot arc that revolves around the War Wolves that we saw in the first volume of the title, with Chris Claremont and Alan Davis at the helm. The whole theme of Otromundo is still present, but the figure of Apocalypse. There may have been a general amnesty in the mutant race, but En Sabah Nur has been one of the villains most diametrically opposed to Xavier’s Dream, and it is not clear that his presence will not be problematic. But it is also true that now that the mutants have embraced racial supremacism they are closer to their former adversary.

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And continuing with Apocalypse, we have an important presence of this character in the seventh issue of X Men, a disconcerting and fascinating story in equal parts. Here the consequences of the no more mutants of the Scarlet Witch in Dynasty of Mwith a ritual presented as The Crucible. Mutants have transcended death on Krakoa, but there is still more to be gained from this new environment. The consequences that everything we are seeing on these pages will have remain to be seen, but surely there will be. For now, morality and spirituality in Krakoa has nothing to do with what was in the franchise a year ago. We still have to see what emerges as a result of the Crucible, but the number with which the volume closes has left us with our mouths open. In Hickman we trust.

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The reading of dawn of X It gives us a global vision of the Age of Krakoa, but it is also true that since all the mutant series are included, the pace is much slower than when following any series in compilation volumes. Putting into context what we’re reading, these numbers were published seven months after the end of HoX/PoX, and new ideas and relationships are still being floated. It remains to be seen where this path will take us, but mutants haven’t been this enjoyable in years.

Marvel Premiere. Dawn of X 7 – It’s cake time!!!