Lola Indigo: her real name, her relationship with Lali Esposito and when Don Patricio cheated on her



Who was going to say that, after becoming the first contestant eliminated from ‘Operación Triunfo 2017’, Miriam Doblas Muñozalso known as mimi, would end up becoming the international artist that she is today. Despite the fact that her participation in the musical reality did not last long, the singer from Huétor Tájar (Granada) took advantage of the media exposure that she got thanks to the program to create her alter ego, Lola Indigo.

This was not, however, his first appearance on television. The singer dedicated herself to dancing professionally for years, and she had notable appearances in ‘Fame Revolution’ in 2010, from which many remember Rafa Méndez’s viral anger: «Mimi, get out of class! You are a hindrance to my sight! You are a painting! Bye!”, the teacher of the dance program reproached her, something that did not prevent her from becoming a professional dancer.

Mimi during her stint on 'Fama Revolution'
Mimi during her stint on ‘Fama Revolution’ – Four

Under the name of Lola Índigo, the singer combined the two passions that she has had for years: music and dance. This is how she demonstrated it with her debut, ‘Ya no quiero ná’, with which she began to build a reputation within the musical space of Spain, becoming one of the most successful contestants in her edition.

Now, the grenadine throws ‘The Dragon’, his third album, in which the urban and Latin rhythms that have characterized his musical career abound. «It is a very eclectic album, but they have given me the freedom to be able to direct the project and play the production as I wish. That is the bomb », she assured in an interview for ABC.

We review the musical career of the former triumph, along with her most personal side: from the infidelity of her ex-partner, the Canarian performer Don Patricio, to the rumors that have linked her to a well-known Argentine singer and actress for months and that they have not done more to grow since the release of their last album.

Her real name and why she is called Lola Indigo

Despite the fact that the whole world knows her as Lola Indigo, the truth is that the real name of the woman from Granada is actually Miriam Doblas Muñoz, ‘Mimi’. This artistic name has served to baptize the musical project of the former triumphant, who after her elimination in 2017 decided to choose this name to start her career.

In fact, Mimi herself has emphasized on many occasions that Lola Indigo is actually the name of a group, from the ‘girl band’ that she herself has formed together with her dancers, who are almost as important to the show as she is. «Lola Indigo is a label that clothes a dance concept which also serves to separate what is the television character, or the person, that is, Mimi, and my music, “he explained in an interview published in 2018 in El Confidencial.

The name of the project has not been chosen at random either. According to the singer herself, she chose Lola considering it a name with a lot of race, strength and courage, which symbolizes a woman with a lot of power. For her part, «Indigo means spirituality, empathy, desire to change things…».

The story of Don Patricio’s cuckolding of Lola Indigo

Despite the fact that her artistic career has been successful since its inception, there are other areas in which Lola Índigo has not been so lucky. The love section is one of them, after the singer herself confessed in an interview that her last known partner, the Canarian artist don patrickyou he had been unfaithful several times during the time they had been together.

Lola Índigo and the interpreter of ‘Contando Lunares’ formed for several months one of the most popular music couples in Spain. Both they began a relationship in the summer of 2019just at the time that the outbreak of the careers of both was consummated and that their collaboration, ‘Lola Bunny’, became a real hit on the country’s music charts. An open secret that, although they never confirmed, was always known, since both flaunted this love in the streets of Madrid, where they were photographed on different occasions.

However, at the height of their relationship, rumors began that their love might be over, just a year and a few months later. Although at that time neither of them wanted to comment on the reasons for their breakup, the singer finally opened up about the infidelity of Don Patricio that had precipitated their separation.

«Look how big the world is that at customs in Chile they told Christ that I had horns like Bambi’s father», Lola Índigo confessed in one of her last interviews in ‘Socialité’. This is how the artist from Granada recounted the infidelity of her ex-partner, which she found out about during a tour of Latin America in which a member of security at the Chilean airport told Cristo Rodríguez, make-up artist, hairdresser and great friend of Mimi’s, that her then couple had been talking to other girls.

“He told her a number of things…”, explained the singer, who although she did not want to give names, she pointed to Don Patricio almost without wanting to. The dates on which these events would have occurred leave no doubt and Mimi’s impetus to delete all traces of their relationship on Instagram – she got rid of the photos they both had together and stopped following him on social networks – also encourages one to think that the creator of ‘Echochado de ti’ was the unfaithful person the singer is talking about.

Now, almost three years after all this happened, the singer still has a bad memory of this infidelity: «How far did he give you for some horns? Wasn’t Spain enough for you?, assured the interpreter of ‘The school girl’, who also insisted that she will never “be with an artist” again because it is very difficult “to deal with two egos living together”: “They have wanted to make me small and I do not like that sensation. Sometimes you find yourself in toxic relationships and you don’t even know how you ended up there.

Don Patricio and Lola Índigo maintained a relationship for more than a year
Don Patricio and Lola Índigo maintained a relationship for more than a year – instagram

The rumors of his relationship with Lali Esposito

Despite the tricks with the artists of Lola Indigo have led her to deny the love between colleagues, she has been associated with other singers. It is the case of Marc followedwith whom it is suspected that he might have had something more than a friendship, or that of Alvaro de Lunathe new boyfriend of Laura Escanes.

However, if one of these rumors has stood out, it is the one that romantically links him to the Argentine singer and actress. Lali Espositowith which the Spanish has shared hints in songs that point to a supposed love affair between the two.

And it is that, although she has never been associated with a woman before this moment, Mimi Doblas has never hidden from her fans her bisexuality. The dancer has not hesitated to pose many times with the LGTBI pride flags and she has even become an icon for the group for her claim.

For months now, the nature of the relationship between Lali Espósito and Lola Índigo has raised many unknowns. Both have shown the good friendship that they maintainalthough many suspect that they could have had a romance for the clues that the couple of singers have been leaving through their songs.

Lola Indigo and Lali Esposito at the Bresh
Lola Indigo and Lali Esposito at the Bresh – instagram

The ‘Sky Rojo’ actress launched a few months ago ‘N5’, a very personal song in which he talks about the romance of two women. So, many already talked about the possibility that the song talked about Mimi herself. «We already broke the platform, then the hotel room. One night in love, then we saw each other again», says the lyrics of this song, which the interpreter ended up affirming that it was going for her friend. “In a way, it is for her. It’s a long story, that’s why I say that in a certain way yes, but yes. She is one of my favorite people », assured Esposito.

The gossip put Lola Índigo and Lali Esposito back in the spotlight after the publication of some images of both during a Bresh party. In the video, both appear very lovey-dovey and dancing, which began to spark rumors.

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In addition, the publication of the remix of the song ‘MA’ (‘Best Friends’) by BM, in which Lola Índigo participates, is also another of the signs that many point to. In this new version, the Granada singer sings «What’s wrong with that aunt? It makes me better’, he does not answer my WhatsApp. And she is my lioness, I no longer want a Mufasa. Superstar, NASA was looking for her, yeah-yeah ».

The song continues to emphasize what many have understood as a message for Argentina: «She is from Buenos Aires and I brought her to Madrid. She fucked me in the Bresh and she made me wild. My girl is pretty with or without makeup, if I come back, please leave me a message […]. It’s that problem that will always come back, always come back, ah, ah».

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Lola Indigo: her real name, her relationship with Lali Esposito and when Don Patricio cheated on her