Leo Garcia:

Born in August 1970, Leonardo Damian Garcia -singer, producer and musician- is known artistically as Leo García.

In the 90’s he led Avant Press, opening band for the Soda Stereo farewell at the River Plate stadium and accompanied Gustavo Cerati on keyboards, guitar and voice in New York presenting Bocanada. His own album Mar had the participation of Gustavo in the production.

Leo García who made headlines after a fierce beating “for being homosexual”, later for his departure from El Hotel de los Famosos with coexistence problems and lately for criticizing the work of Tini, L-Gante and Rusherking… today adds to my idea of ​​sharing your +Chance!

+ = Your most positive side / My positive side is the ability to start over. When I feel that things are lost, when I am disappointed or frustrated, I can take a short break, breathe and start again. More than starting over: it is continuing.

C = When did the vocation for what you are doing awaken in you? / I think it was as a child. The vinyl records that were heard at the Winco combo. See how like a plectrum, it could pass through a groove and generate sound. That curiosity aroused me a lot and I was passionate about it. I always found the piano intriguing, a great sound to play. I think I didn’t grow up directly with the vocation because I have perfect pitch. I know how to capture the timbres of the frequencies without having to need a device that tells me what it is or what it means.

H = Where are you going in this current world? / I think the key is not to go anywhere. I am exercising the practice of Good Living… that living in the present is not really difficult. Trying in the present anything that has to do with the future implies a bridge to desire and that stops us in a lot of things. You have to fight to enjoy the moment and thus build things. I want to continue like this because it is the only thing that keeps me young and happy.

A = Have you ever thought of leaving everything to start a new life? / Yes, yes, I thought so. I think it was a product of depression, not in music, which is something that I am passionate about. I need to be in contact with music, listen to music, I am a music lover, I am very attached to what I do because it saves my life. I’ve woken up feeling down, chest pain, depression or whatever, and I’d get in the taxi and put a song on my headphones, for example Britney Spears. She listened to her voice, her music, and it made my morning happy.

N = Would you never say yes to what? / I would never say yes to Marcelo Tinelli. It seems to me that he is a disastrous character of Argentine culture, like the counterculture. He is a guy who has shown that the only thing he seeks is power. He is like a politician with a TV show. From homophobia to bullying. Machismo with the worst characteristics. An Illuminati version of coasting that sounds like crap to me. He would never say yes to any of those guys’ proposal. I love it, it makes me happy and it gives me a great power to know that you don’t have to go there.

C = How do you connect with your spiritual side? / The spiritual is constant. I have a spiritual awareness for spirituality. We have to understand that it is like electricity, otherwise it seems that we are believing in fairies and in little lights that we do not see and everything is nonsense. Spirituality is something that many people confuse with praying to an image. And no, it’s not. For me, spirituality is something almost mathematical, it is closely linked to everything that has to do with the metaphysical. The spiritual world is having a lot of consciousness. Knowing how to say it does not mean that I know how to practice it, I clarify. I’m a guy who makes a lot of mistakes, but I think experience is always in my favour. Spirituality is becoming aware that we are the cause of what we do, what we say, what we work for, due to the personal commitment that each one has. If you are aware, you are working on spirituality to the fullest. You have to relax and know how to use these awareness tools in the most difficult moments.

E = Do you expect to come back in another life and doing what? / Yes and doing what I would like. I aim for the best on the physical plane. Since I believe in evolution, I guess the next life is going to be much better than this one.

Chacha Duran | @chachaduran
National announcer. Radio and TV driver.
CNN Radio Argentina and La 100 MDP.

Leo Garcia: