Las Juanas: this is how the protagonists look 25 years after the premiere of the telenovela

‘Las Juanas’ was one of the novels that marked Colombian television over time, due to the particular story it told. This production was released in 1997 and has already had several versions in different countries, such as ‘Daughters of the Moon’, ‘The Mark of Desire’ and the most recent was a Netflix project that was also called ‘Las Juanas ‘, but its plot was very distant from that of the original version.

The story of the telenovela, directed by Tony Navia, featured Angie Cepeda, Xilena Aycardi, Carolina Sabino, Catherine Siachoque and Susana Torres.. This television production left a mark in Colombia, since many adolescents of the time wanted to wear outfits very similar to those of the protagonists; in addition to the nineties looks.

After 25 years of the premiere of the famous title, the followers have been interested in knowing and knowing what the five actresses who participated in the cast currently look like. Some like Siachoque and Sabino continue to be active in the media, in addition to digital platforms.

This is what the protagonists currently look like

Angie Cepeda as Juana Valentina

Angie Cepeda was in charge of giving life to Juana Valentina, the oldest of the Juanas. Before she died, her mother told her that she had met her real father at a carnival in Puerto Colombia, Atlántico, so she was the one who began, in a certain way, to unravel the story.

Currently, Angie Cepeda is still living abroad and has participated in several productions for Disney. The actress from Magangue, Bolívar, lent her voice to the character of Julieta in ‘Encanto’.

Catherine Siachoque – Juana Caridad

Catherine Siachoque was in charge of bringing Juana Caridad to life, the most religious and innocent of the five sisters. The 50-year-old actress from Bogota has had a prominent acting career and has already participated in several international productions.

Most of the roles she plays are as a villain, such is the case of ‘Revenge’, where she played Gracia. The most recent role he played was that of Lys Antoine in the second season of ‘Dark Desire’, for Netflix.

Xilena Aycardi – Juana Manny

Xilena Aycardi was Juana Manny, the third of the Juanas. She was originally from Sahagún, Córdoba and her mother was Doña Doña’s best friend.

In the telenovela, the actress originally from El Banco, Magdalena, she was a woman who was passionate about boxing and sports, so the rudeness overflowed.

In real life, Xilena Aycardi has had an ongoing acting career. The most recent productions in which she worked are: ‘If they know how I wear myself for’ why do they invite me 2 ′, for Netflix, and ‘Old men, but millennials’, for Señal Colombia.

Susana Torres – Juana Bautista

Susana Torres played Juana Bautista, a woman with many artistic gifts, in addition to the skills she developed for divination and spirituality.

The actress has also had important roles in different national productions. One of the most recent appearances that she had was in ‘Wild District’, for Netflix.

Carolina Sabino – Juana Matilde

Finally, Carolina Sabino was the fifth of the Juanas, charming Colombians with her powerful voice. She was the youngest of the five protagonists and was fully dedicated to music, where she had a musical group with which she toured throughout the Caribbean region.

The most recent participation on television that the Bogota actress and singer had was in Who is the mask?, of the RCN channel.

Colombian actress She was in charge of interpreting the intro of the telenovela, presenting each of her sisters in the story.

Las Juanas: this is how the protagonists look 25 years after the premiere of the telenovela