Kiri, from ‘Avatar 2: the sense of water’, contains the future of the saga

Avatar 2: The Water Sense it is a tour not only through new territories of the already iconic planet. Likewise, it is a reinterpretation at a deep level about life and death. What is demonstrated more clearly with the character of Kiri, played by Sigourney Weaver. As will be remembered, the actress played Dr. Grace Augustine in the original 2009 film, who died after being seriously injured. Finally, her spirit integrated with Eywa, the central deity of Pandora.

For Avatar 2: The Water SenseJames Cameron found a way to blend the emotional Grace’s death with a new concept about life. The actress now embodies the character’s daughter, conceived in her deceased body and, apparently, with no known father. Kiri, an inexplicable physical prodigy, ends up being adopted by Jake Sully and his family. But beyond that, she shows that Eywa manifests itself in entirely new ways in the sequel to the 2009 hit.

For one thing, Grace seems to have returned. In fact, everything seems to indicate that the entity that supports the planet heard the pleas of the Na’vi and brought the character back to life. But not in the way everyone expected – in the way that Jake Sully was integrated into the planet – but through a completely new experience. Kiri is a creature that defies all human rules regarding the way of conceiving existence. At the same time, she shows that Pandora acts an enigmatic power.

Kiri, one of the great mysteries of Avatar 2: The Water Sense

The concept of everything singular that surrounds Kiri becomes more complicated as he advance the plot of Avatar 2: The Water Sense. Especially when Jake Sully’s family settles in Metkayina territory. While there, Kiri, who inherited her mother’s curiosity, intelligence, and willpower, begins an exploration of the region. But, beyond that, the inexplicable nature of him.

He soon discovers that he can swim deeper, faster and more skillfully than his adoptive brothers in the underwater kingdom. But that, in addition, its very essence seems to connect with its environment in a total way that no other member of your family experiences. Throughout the entire argument, Kiri has made it clear that she knows, without a doubt, that there is a different element to her body and mind. “I hear Eywa’s heartbeat”, she explains on more than one occasion. Something that she verifies in a real way in the reefs.

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It is there when he demonstrates that he can control other living beings on Pandora. She in addition to having a real power that links her with the mystical entity of the planet on several different levels. In one of the central scenes of Avatar 2: The Water SenseKiri connects to The Cove of the Ancients, the equivalent of the Metkayina Tree of Life.

That is the moment when he establishes a clear connection with Eywa and even comes to contact Grace within the very essence of the deity. Which ends up making it clear that Kiri is much more than a biological prodigy, since she seems something closer to a living manifestation of Eywa.

Life and its power in Pandora

Is Kiri a direct incarnation of the powerful deity of the Na’vi? The question is left open and, in fact, it is evident that the argument tries to make the mystery part of the many unknowns that Avatar 2: The Water Sense will need to resolve in the future. Especially the fact that Kiri is noticeably getting stronger and her connection to the environment is likely to become more powerful.

Kiri in Avatar 2: The Water Sense
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If at one point the original story of Avatar it was in his way deepen in the spiritual power of Pandora. Especially in the question of whether the planet has full control of what surrounds it. Is it possible that Eywa is something more than an abstract idea?

Could it be a sophisticated level of consciousness that fully links each inhabitant with the ecosystem that surrounds them? The idea becomes more and more singular. Specifically, when Kiri, with his mere existence, demonstrates the limitless possibilities of life in Eywa’s environment. Will we see the character display all his powers? It only remains to wait.

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Kiri, from ‘Avatar 2: the sense of water’, contains the future of the saga