Isabel Cruz Daza, film and television actress and narrator

Isabel Cruz Daza (Tichaa) was born in this beautiful city of Oaxaca, she is the daughter of artists and teachers. He completed his first studies in this city and later moved to Tlanepantla de Báez, State of Mexico, from where he completed a master’s degree in Systemic Pedagogy from the Doctor Emilio Cárdenas Multicultural University after studying a degree in English language teaching from the Faculty of Languages ​​of the Benito Juárez Autonomous University of Oaxaca.

Since her childhood, she has been attracted to acting, especially when she had the opportunity to go to the movies, she loved Mexican films, she had the hope of one day being able to have a good role in the field of acting and, given her concern, in 1982 he enrolled in the School of Fine Arts, dependent on the UABJO.

Throughout her career she has been directed by different directors, such as the great actor Raúl García Ramos, Lola Bravo, the great actor and dancer Rolando Beattie, the great actress Guadalupe Villa, Wagive Jiménez Turcott, to name a few.

She is the winner of the first place in acting at the Second International Film Festival in “Miss Starlet”, in Cancun Quintana Roo in 1993-1994, she is an actress in the soap operas of channel 9, where she is directed by the teacher Lola Bravo, and in different theatrical works such as: “Wings of clay, feet of wind”, “The Little Prince” by Rolando Beattie, “The neighboring kingdom” by Wagive Turcott, “The tremendous adventures of Captain Gazpacho” by Gerardo Mancebo del Castillo, “The ladies of the lago” by Carlos Cosijoeza and “Se vesten Niño Dios” by Norma Román Calvo, she is also an actress in the film “The girl” by David Riker.

Isabel Cruz, is the founder and director of the project “Teatro Raíz, Ritualidad y Escena”, whose objective is to promote and stage ancestral wisdom, spirituality, mysticism and Oaxacan culture, as a gift of love and a healing tool for the world. , is also a narrator and creator of the narration show “Muertos…pero de gusto” by Emilio Lome, she is the author of two plays “Pastorela Guelaguetza” and “Dulce Amor de Maguey”.

The Oaxacan is also an actress in the teletheaters of channel 9


Isabel Cruz Daza has recorded different voices to bring to life characters from legends in Radio Ejecuteca’s “El Baúl de las Leyendas”, she is also an organizer and participant in the first Healing and Childhood Art forum. Lately she is the creator of “Calenda and chocolate of my grandparents from Oaxaca” in collaboration with the poet Ninfa Pacheco. In the presentation of her book “Night Warrior”. (Tichaa) Isabel Cruz is a valuable and creative woman with extraordinary qualities, whose future is sure to cross borders as a talented woman.


Theater is the daily experience of living, existing and a transformation of multiple characters, some soft, others tragic and many of unforgettable love, others in a turbulent way but that does not stop making the public live a role that moves hearts. , to dream other times of life in pink or simply today.

There are so many wonderful works by renowned authors who have passed into the history of this century that we long for, because we leave behind, great memories of characters from different eras in Oaxacan theatrical life, because the Oaxacan public likes theater, knows that it has people good as actresses or actors, who have emigrated to other places where they have been able to raise the name of our land. Isabel Cruz (Tichaa) has a lot to give.

Isabel Cruz Daza, film and television actress and narrator