International Podcast Day: Top YouTube Facts and Local Creators

On September 30 is celebrated the international podcast day, with the aim that more and more people connect with this content in audio format. In fact, YouTube presents itself as a platform to discover and enjoy podcasts: from 2021, its search interest in Argentina grew exponentially on the platform. That’s why today Youtube shares the main trends of this phenomenon and some local creators to start listening anytime, anywhere.

The format is really simple and is born from other audio experiences like YouTube: people can play these videos in the background while doing something else or watch the video for a more interactive and dynamic experience. In addition, they cover all kinds of topics and are available for users to consume whenever and wherever they want. According to a study conducted by eMarketer it is contemplated that the growth of podcasts will be 17.9% in Argentina by 2025, surpassing North America and Europe.

The same study carried out by eMarketer also indicates that, in 2021, the number of monthly global podcast listeners increased by 15.5% among the 18 countries covered, (to a total of 383.7 million). For this year, 2022, it stipulates that the audience will increase again (to 424.2 million).

Now, what types of podcast are consumed? In the official youtube blogpost, Karla Agis -Manager of Culture and Trends of YouTube Latin America- explained that the five categories of this format that are trending:

  • Profiles: Hosted by well-known personalities who use the audio-first format to show their audience a broader and more diverse perspective of themselves, their interests and personalities.
  • Personal care, overcoming or spirituality: Focused on sharing information on mental health and well-being, interviewing specialists or reflecting on a specific topic.
  • Comedy: Interviews in which they also collaborate and co-create with similar personalities, creating a kind of online comedy jam. Alternatively, they address relevant issues within pop culture with their characteristic humor.
  • deep dives: Experts or people who have specialized in a given topic, sharing deeper and more diverse knowledge and perspectives on the same topic.
  • gossip: The creators of this category are creating content, information and intrigue on casual topics and specific situations.

The rise of podcasts is a response to the growing demand for audio content, and it’s also a way for YouTube creators and personalities to showcase their relationships, interests, daily life, and more. In Argentina there are creators who are part of this wave of contentSome of them are:

The Reboard Method

An interview program hosted by Tomás Rebord, with the aim of generating a talk about politics and current affairs. Currently, your channel has 124,000 subscribers and has over 11 million views. The episodes with the most reproductions are:

  • The video that Guille Aquino was deleted from the networks – 559,986 views
  • The Rebord Method #5 – Guille Aquino – 548,587 views
  • The Rebord Method #21 – Mario Pergolini – 455,530 views
  • The Rebord Method #7 – Carlos Maslatón – 409,972 views
  • The Rebord Method #31- Felipe Pigna – 347,790 views

Double coil

The musician Pepo San Martín with Cube Effectsan instrument pedal company, created this show about guitar and music in 2019. Their channel YouTube has 75,300 subscribers and already has more than 8 million views. His most viewed videos are:

  • JAPAN RAYS – Crossover Cathode Rays + Japatonic! – 30,759 views
  • 253: Bokita’s Otakus (with Naka and Lore from Japatonic) – Cathode Ray Podcast – 9,870 views
  • 229: The revolution will be streamed – Ray Cathode Podcast – 8,208 views
  • 261: Building Walls to Unify the World – Cathode Ray Podcast – 7,629 views
  • Cathode Rays – Episode 140: Mario needs to be killed – 7,222 views

cathode rays

Three friends who chat about comics, video games, movies, series, and anything else that comes to mind. The channel was born in 2013, has 7,270 subscribers and has more than 1 million views. His most viewed episodes are:

  • Is it believable what Michael Fox plays in “Back to the Future”? – 228,335 views
  • The right hand of Gustavo Cerati -105,287 views
  • Audio analysis: Gustavo Cerati (in Soda Stereo) – 104,681 views
  • Style Review: Skay Beilinson – 103,054 views
  • Is it believable how they play the guitar in “Coco”? – 101,629 views

Podcasts are creating a culture in which life experiences and day-to-day wisdom are valuable and should be shared. In this sense, Youtube provides a community space for those who explore this format either as creators or as an audience.

International Podcast Day: Top YouTube Facts and Local Creators