“I am free”: Sara Corrales for the first time talks about the cancellation of her wedding

Earlier this year, she got engaged in Spain to her boyfriend, Rafael Gutiérrez. The preparations for the wedding began and everything was ready for the Colombian to arrive at the altar; however, surprisingly, last June, she decided to call off the engagement. In this regard, she spoke about the subject for the first time, she shared with us that, although she had gone through a difficult process, she was now happy and calm.

What happened to your wedding? Why was it cancelled? I finally decided not to get married for personal reasons. It was a stage that was left behind, but now I am happy, starting a new cycle. I am calm and very sure of the decision I made. When you do things from the heart, without anger, without hate and just let go, things flow.

But letting go is not easy, how did you experience this process? All relationships, when they end, have difficult processes; In my case, I lived it from maturity and that makes me feel at peace.

So are you single again? That’s how it is! (laughs)

doWhat does a man need to conquer your heart? Being authentic, intelligent, faithful, hard-working, family-oriented, athletic… I can say countless other qualities, but the main thing is that there is chemistry, that connection that you feel and that is unique, that is the most important thing. Just in a conversation I had recently I said that I don’t want a good man, because what is good for you, is not good for someone else. What I want is a good man for me.

Would you make wedding plans again? Of course! Of course.

Does the idea of ​​having children and starting a family excite you? Of course! But I just want that: “to start a family”. Today I think that I would not like to be a single mother; I believe in family, in a home, in a man who is there to support me and to enjoy what we build with me. If he comes, fine; if not, I’m completely happy.

Have you ever felt social pressure in that sense? We have all felt it at some point, but I have dedicated so many years to my being, to my spirituality, to working within myself, that I am so clear that the pressure of society on me does not work at all. If I’m not happy in a relationship, I’m not going to get married; if I’m not happy, I’m not going to take the next step, and I’m not afraid of making decisions, I’m not afraid of changes. I am a free woman who is not afraid of being single or being in a relationship.

“I think the universe is sending you things and you are choosing, letting go… and if something doesn’t make me happy, goodbye! I don’t get hooked or suffer. I have been working on myself for many years to have this strength and this peace. And I can say: even if the whole world is on top of it, even if I have an (engagement) ring, if you don’t do me good, thank you, but no”.

She will be the villain in The ways of love

In the melodrama prepared by producer Nicandro Díaz, Sara will play Úrsula, “a woman with a very dark past. She had a husband, but something happens and she says: “So far, no more”; she decides to turn her life around, look for a different love and finds Memo (Gabriel Soto)”. You come back with an antagonist… That’s right; I love villains, I really enjoy them, but this one will be very different, she will have a completely different look. She is a tattooed, pierced woman… she is very tough, but at the same time sexy, and she has a tow truck business. She has the masculine side of her very developed, but is still charming. She’s definitely going to be a character that people are going to love and hate at the same time.

“I am free”: Sara Corrales for the first time talks about the cancellation of her wedding