George Slebi, versatile and charming

He tried himself in soccer, but after training for more than a year to be a professional, the result was not what he expected and he ended that management, before he had already ventured into a small role in Telecaribe, which did not manage to catch him and immediately his way was to Medellin to try for a small period in modeling.

The move to the screen

A reality show was the starting point in that second opportunity that was given before the cameras, he took it as a good sign that indicated that on that occasion things were going to happen. Interpretations arrived that gave him visibility and from then on, specific roles reaffirm his professionalism.

The most recent thing about George Slebi on national television was his role as Pablo De la Torre in “Analía’s revenge”, an interpretation that earned him all sorts of favorable comments for being a man like few others, although now in his new character it is the opposite and ensures that they will hate it.

When the first week of broadcast of the series “Leandro Díaz” is completed, where the actor from Barranquilla is Moisés Cohen, the appreciation of the character is far from the previous one, since the negative traits prevail in this coastal man who poses as an antagonist in the history.

He affirms that in principle he managed to worry about this new challenge, he had left the bar high with Pablo, who was the prototype of what is expected of a human being, something that made him suffer because people “fell in love” and in reality that does not exist, a person will always have shadows. “They loved me and it felt nice, but now they are going to hate me”, was what he outlined when taking on this particular character.

If the previous challenge was to humanize such a good person, now it would be the opposite and there he had to put his psychology to work as he was a macho man from the 50s, jealous, violent and strong, that is why he appealed to marked characteristics such as narcissism and was enriching it, although with caution due to the discomfort caused by someone like that.

Finally, the work was interesting, accepting that they are characters that allow us to take out that negative part that every human being has inside, an appreciation that takes a lot from that analysis that they usually do and that they contribute from their heritage.

The psychologist

Twelve years ago, George experienced a crisis from acting, because he understood that he could not depend solely on that and he refuses to think that the human being is just an edge in the workplace, he is aware of those capacities that are often not passed , so he decided not to sit and wait for a call from the television channels.

In this introspective process, looking for motivations that had been left out, obviously discarding football because he was already 31 years old, he understood that his readings had always been related to personal development, spirituality and human behavior, he followed the path and He became certified as a life and organizational coach, studies that led him to seriously think about psychology.

While he decided, he hesitated thinking about time, however, he found an ally in virtuality that allowed him to work and study. He now says that he only set foot in the university twice, once when he enrolled, and the other to receive his degree.

Very believing, George affirms that God has already given him everything and now he only has to wait for what has to come. He appreciates that role in “Analía’s revenge”, a leading role that reaffirmed his best moment as an actor.

The satisfaction with which he indicates that he successfully completed his career is comparable to the work that originated during the pandemic, because it allowed him to serve, connect with others and accompany them in their processes, a situation that generates greater transcendence.

Take advantage of the stops that every actor experiences to dedicate himself completely to his psychotherapy service, a job for which he responds virtually and after two intense years he can assure you that this has been one of his best decisions.

As for the roles he plays, he has occasionally entered into conflicts as a psychologist and an actor. His job is to accompany other people, so he has come to wonder to what extent what he is representing and his process have an impact on the patient, however, he accepts that he is very clear that the protagonist in therapies is not him, nor his career, but the person.

The idea is not always to play characters like ‘Pablo’, he knows that he is very professional, but in the same way he is clear that he would never be measured against a role of child rape or horror movies, although he warns that he likes the latter, but the decision is due to the fact that for 30 years he had nightmares and that is part of a spiritual theme that he does not want to touch.

Now alternating his time with the role of Moisés Cohen, George receives patients referred from another specialist, although he has also found receptivity through his Instagram account @psicoslebi, where he schedules appointments and reaches out to those who need his help.

George Slebi, versatile and charming