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HELLO, HELLO… Let’s not forget to decorate with something allusive to the National Month, in the house, office, car or lapel.

Mary Tere Castañeda Rojas began one more round of the Astro Rey last Thursday. From very early on, her children Andrés and Alejandro consented, as well as her parents, Tere Rojas de Castañeda and Eduardo Castañeda Martínez. Similarly, she received multiple congratulations from family and friends through the different media.

One more birthday girl, this same day, was Rebeca Bekris de Muñoz, her husband José Ángel Muñoz, their children José Emiliano, María Reneé and Thiago Marcelo Muñoz Bekris, entertained her and prepared her favorite dish. Congratulations!

A broad and affectionate congratulations to our Mayor, my dear friend Leticia Herrera Ale, for her swearing in to hold this position, last Wednesday the 31st. From that moment on, her administration began with great enthusiasm and responsibility and once again, Gómez Palacio, shine with his star. I wish that his projects crystallize for the benefit of our city and that success accompanies him throughout his career. !! Congratulations!!

Likewise, I congratulate CP Homero Martínez Cabrera, as re-elected Municipal President of Ciudad Lerdo, Dgo. Wishing him that his management continues to advance successfully.

From here, I send an affectionate greeting to Estelita del Bosque de Gallegos, who maintains excellent physical condition, since she swims several kilometers every day and is also a great connoisseur and practitioner of the Art of Good Table.

Tomorrow, a new year of Light and Energy will begin, the beautiful Ana Sofía García Camil de Gurza, her husband Bernardo Gurza Islas, will celebrate it with pleasant surprise, as well as the multiple congratulations that she will be receiving, since she is very loved and estimated, not only in the region, but throughout the state of Coahuila. My best wishes.

The La Salle Jewelry School, began last Saturday, its Silver Jewelry Diploma, taught by the designer and jeweler creator, Eduardo Benítez Rodríguez, who has national recognition and awards in different contests. Reports by phone 871-750-21-13 ext. 205 and 206 or on their Facebook page La Salle Laguna Jewelry School.

Next Friday the 9th, the esteemed Lasallian brother, Rubén Sámano, will cut another page from the calendar. I am sure that he will receive countless congratulations from his former students of the glorious French Institute of La Laguna, without being left behind, fellow members of the congregation, both those who live here and from other cities. From here, my sincere congratulations to brother Sámano.

The most influential national gastronomic contest in the region, PLAYERS’ Restaurant’s Choice 2022, once again brings together the gastronomic industry in its 2022 edition, on Wednesday, August 24, at the Fortana Event Center, where the Top Restaurants gathered to receive their recognition , for being part of the PLAYERS’ Restaurant’s Choice. The objective was to recognize and promote the culinary art, the quality and the service of the establishments in their different categories. Alejandro Martínez Filizola, Managing Partner of the PLAYERS of Life Group, welcomed the more than 350 attendees and 75 restaurants. Among the winners: Tony Jiménez, for Bistro California Cuisine, consolidated as a top restaurant nationwide; Carlos Fink from La Casa del Panini, for his great prestige over several decades; Hernán de la Peña Cantú, for El Caribeño, El Agave, Patachueca, in the best breakfasts and Fernando Orozco in Baldoria, among others, many more that escape my memory. Congratulations!

The date is approaching for the interesting conference to be held by Casa Iñigo and the IBERO Torreón, Tracks for a post-pandemic spirituality, on September 22 and Life as a path. Pilgrims or tourists! On the 23rd, given by José María Rodríguez Olaizola, SJ, this will be in the Auditorium Gymnasium of the IBERO at 7:30 p.m. Interested parties can call 871-712-87-12.

The Camerata de Coahuila, present their third concert of the Autumn Winter 22 season, Symphony No. 4 “Italian” by Felix Mendelssohn and “Piano Concerto in A minus, op. 16” by Edvarga Grieg, with the participation as soloist of Elías Manzo-Hernández, under the direction of maestro Ramón Shade. There will be two presentations on Friday 9 at 8:30 p.m. and Sunday 11 at 12:00 hrs. in the beautiful Isauro Martínez Theater. If you still don’t have your ticket, you can buy them through newticket: or at the theater box office.

The Morelia International Film Festival (FICM) Cinema for All arrives at the Arocena Museum, in its third stage, 16 films will be screened, one each week, in 18 venues in 16 states of the Mexican Republic, the festival began on the 3rd and It will conclude on December 17, projecting every Saturday at 4:00 p.m., in the Arocena Museum Auditorium. You can check the billboard at

The Autonomous University of La Laguna and its rector, teacher Omar Lozano Cantú, on the occasion of the national holidays, will carry out various activities with the Isauro Martínez Theater as its headquarters. On Tuesday the 13th, Mexican Evening with the UAL Mariachi and Folkloric Ballet at 7:00 p.m.; on Tuesday 20, Bravura Flamenca by the Amaya Flamenca Company at 7:00 p.m.; Thursday 22, at 7:30 p.m., Inauguration of the exhibition 115 years, 115 artists; Thursday 29, Theater play A day without Sun, UTT theater workshop, directed by Guillermo Pérez, at 6:00 p.m. In addition to its various permanent workshops. For more information you can call 871-718-55-33 or

And in the not so green, San Antonio, Tx, because the drought is also there, on Thursday the 15th, at 8:00 p.m., in the Mural Room of the prestigious Mi Tierra restaurant, owned by the Cortez family, the Consul General of Mexico in that city, Rubén Menutti Zanatta, will carry out the Ceremony of the Cry of Independence. At the end, the attendees will enjoy the conviviality and various refreshments. I appreciate your comments to [email protected]

Did you know that… Continuing with the great Spanish poet, Federico García Lorca… García Lorca’s popularity and his numerous declarations against social injustice made him an uncomfortable character for the right. Despite the protection that Mexico and Colombia offered him, Lorca preferred to return to Granada with his family, since the situation in Madrid was getting worse and worse, and he even considered the possibility of finding refuge in the Republican zone or in his friend’s house. Manuel de Falla. Finally, the poet decided to take refuge in the house of the parents of his friend Luis Rosales, where on August 16, 1936, he was arrested by Ramón Ruiz Alonso, a former deputy of the CEDA (Spanish Confederation of Autonomous Rights)… To be continued.

Until next time and remember…

Not only the substance is enough… The circumstance is also needed.

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