France 3 stops the series “Perfect crimes” and “Pray to investigate”

Changes in sight in the fiction line-up of France Télévisions. In a river interview given yesterday to “Allocinated”*, Anne Holmes, director of programs for France Télévisions, announced the end of production of the successful series “Prière d’Enquêter” and “Crimes parfaits”.

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“If we want to launch pilots, we have to stop certain fictions”

About ‘Please Investigate’“, she justifies, “the hardest thing was to mix religion and investigation. Ditto for ‘Typeface’, where we mixed the letters and the investigation”. As for ‘Perfect Crimes'”she adds,there have been many. On this series I have a bit of a regret: because it worked well, we used the same pairs of investigators each time. So we actually had four series: the series with Philippe Caroit, the one with Isabelle Gélinas and the one with Julie Ferrier. And at one point, I think there were too many duos. We didn’t necessarily have room for all these versions of the same series“.

These two series had however well and truly met their audience. For example, the last unpublished episode of “Prière d’Enquête”, offered on September 6 on France 3, had federated 3.09 million viewers, or 15.0% of the entire public according to Médiamétrie. Yet in rebroadcast, on August 30, “Perfect Crimes” had captivated 3.17 million people on the third channel (17.8% of 4+ and 4.6% of FRDA-50). But “basically, to be honest, we also need space because if we want to launch pilots, we have to stop certain fictions“, says Anne Holmes.

The upcoming arrivals of “Piste noire”, “The best of us” and “The abyss”

Other projects are about to move into the grid. On the thriller side, the France Télévisions executive announces, for example, the upcoming arrival of “Piste noire”, with Thibault de Montalembert and Constance Labbé, “who talks about seasonal workers and the mountains in a different way“, from “The best of us” on France 3, with Nicolas Gob and Mariama Gueye, and from “L’abîme”, with Sara Mortensen from “Astrid et Raphaëlle” and Gil Alma from “César Wagner”, “a duo that works really well“.

On the audience side, Anne Holmes recognizes only one recent failure: that of the romantic comedy of France 2, “Love (almost) perfect”, with Maud Baecker and Tom Leeb. “But I claim this series in terms of taking risks. We proved thanks to that that we weren’t just doing thrillers, contrary to what we tend to be criticized for, and that we were trying to rejuvenate our audience. The bet is not really successful in terms of audience, but I maintain that the casting was remarkable and that it was necessary to try“.

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France 3 stops the series “Perfect crimes” and “Pray to investigate”