Fabián Corres practically lived on the street for two months

Almost four years ago and for two months, Fabian Corres He practically lived on the street, with all its vicissitudes, and he realized that he was invisible to everyone.

“What causes seeing someone in that situation is repulsion, indifference among people,” recalls the actor from Señora Acero and A Strange Enemy.

Being away from the comfort of home it was not for lack of money or debtsbut because he was preparing the central character of Finding the end of the worldwhich is also his directorial debut and which is in theaters.

In it he plays a man who has great credibility in music, wanting to find the beauty of sounds in the cityat the time of going through a terrible loss, deciding to look for that alternative life, although his eldest son tries to avoid it.

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“I have never been one to play at being something (in character), I never pretend that, because it is like an endorsement towards my own spirituality and I cannot play that. I can say that I went completely unnoticed, I was on the street for two months and the last two weeks they were filming me.

“Suddenly when they saw the camera it caught their attention, but it was more like a documentary and I hope the film has that feeling,” he details.

Finding the end of the world was something he had in mind for seven years and it was when he began to choose projects that would help him get into deterioration, so he worked on films like summer whitewhere he plays the new couple of a mother with her son, who does not fully accept him and The Writer, now in post-production, in which his character has some schizophrenia.

To this was added his conviction that in order to film it is not necessary to have federal supportsbut in any case should and can shoot a story.

And of course, with the support of his family: his children, who do not want to be actors, participated in the film; Fabian’s wife did work such as being a driver, going for things and even being a “smoke machine.”

Finding the End of the World was filmed in three stages between 2019 and 2020, leaving 2021 for the editing process.

“We put everything at risk, to stop paying school fees, rent, people who supported me and who are complicit in this, but that does not take away the mood of not having a job and doing everything without permission, in an unorthodox way as the production system in Mexico is being considered”, he details.

“I didn’t want child actors because they behave like that and from my point of view they are read at fiction time and here the closeness and what was at stake was so great that I asked them (their children), we agreed. Okay, they knew the rules,” he adds.

Marco Marriedcinematographer, served as co-director; Fernanda Castillo, Xavier Diaz Duenas, and Ramon Medina., Ximena Duggan, Alberto Guerra and Alba Alonso They are part of the cast in special performances.

The tape, produced by Storm Filmscomes with awards won at film festivals held in Athens (Best Film), Austin (Direction), Cannes (Foreign Film and Actor) and Florence (Opera Prima).

Corres is about to finish a new script that, if things materialize, would be shot at the end of 2023, now touching on the issue of sexuality among people his age, the little understanding there is about it and the generational clashes with young people who live that another way.

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Fabián Corres practically lived on the street for two months