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She-Hulk: Lawyer did not get off to a good start to its Disney+ debut. Is this third episode the one of awakening?

Spoiler alert for the post-credits scene at the end of this review!

Just a little spoiler

rhythm and green

we can’t say that she Hulk he left with a bang. His first episode had the merit of introducing us to the new Marvel series, but later, the green nothing. For his third chapter (of nine), She-Hulk’s adventure finds its rhythm. Jennifer Walters is now an attorney at GLK & H, a prestigious law firm where she handles superhero cases. As the first client, the heroine must defend Emil Blonsky, aka the Abomination (Tim Roth), in the event of an early release. At the same time, her former colleague, a notorious macho, is suing an Asgardian con man posing as star Megan Thee Stallion.

Thus, she Hulk finally blows up his idea of ​​a lawyer in the Marvel universe. Walters evolves in a world where superhumans do the daily life of normal citizens, giving rise to absurd situations, fun, but consistent with this universeLike a con magician. The same goes for Blonsky’s treatment, which pushes the joke to the limit, but retains a certain credibility. have done it a man who found peace in New Age spirituality and polygamy is not incompatible with the idea of ​​an imprisoned murderer who seeks forgiveness and uses his aura to seduce. Also, this can be part of a slow and methodical escape plan.

She-Hulk: Lawyer: photo, Tatiana MaslanyTrue repentant or expert manipulator?

In the pages of the comics, She-Hulk benefits from several stories where she carries out tough business, responding to a logic typical of a fantastic world, but who knew how to keep the suspense about her outcomes. The, she Hulk does not create any sense of a complex legal situation (and unpublished) solved by a talented lawyer, who is supposed to be Jennifer Walters. The writing of these scenes. serious lack of work and knowledge of the legal environment to offer something denser and more plausible.

in his mood, she Hulk it is also more reserved. Sitcom is everything and rare are the exchanges that make you smile. Despite this, the series can still thank Performance by Tatiana Maslany who knows how to reproduce facial expressions and reactions giving our best nods. Among the jokes that work, we can put the replicas thrown at the viewers when Walters breaks the fourth wall, that theoretical barrier that separates a work of fiction from reality. Either the concept is not used at all With as much freedom as John Byrne’s comics, the few times that the heroine speaks to us, she manages to create a pleasant surprise effect.

She-Hulk: Lawyer: Photo, Drew Matthewsawesomely hateful

low gamma product

If the narrative takes shape, on the visual effects side, she Hulk he dies a little more with each episode. Our green heroine looks like a broom learning to walk with a face limited to three muscles rehearsing the subtlety of Tatiana Maslany’s game. If the quality keeps going down like this every week, get ready to see the Hulk’s cousin. in T-pose like a video game character in full bug.

We can be calm saying that at least the Disturbing Valley effect does not exist, this theoretical concept that explains the feeling of anxiety in front of an artificial face that is too human, since She-Hulk never seems real to us. It is rather in their interactions with flesh humans that their discomfort at being lunar lies. Marvel thus allows us to travel back in time to the beginnings of the grotesque digital characters of cinema.

As inspired as the special effects artists seem to have had time to polish their work, production is boring. The same lifeless and grey-laden scenarios as the previous episode. always benefit from an impersonal stagingsadly smelling a generic Marvel product every second.

She-Hulk: Lawyer: photoShe-Hulkornichon

This lack of thought about how to capture the scenes and how to edit them becomes particularly problematic when it undermines the feminist message the character is supposed to convey. In her post-credits scene, She-Hulk and the cameo of the episode (we keep you a little surprised) twerk. In one more take on this joke that took some measure to work, the series contradicts itself and contributes to the misrepresentation of the hypersexualized heroines.

Obviously, this kind of pranking doesn’t have to be limited to men. In the comics, She-Hulk is caught photocopying her green butt on the office printer. But the superheroine, before that, has experienced epic adventures. For now, she Hulk did not offer his character any moments of heroismbut he has already lowered it.

She-Hulk: Lawyer: photoBehind Cap’s buttocks, She-Hulk’s twerk

So certainly, Disney+ shows a bit of the potential of its heroine with an episode that finally tells something. However, there’s nothing to get excited about either, which is pretty frustrating. when we know the proposal of the series and the Marvel toy box at your disposal. she Hulk thus he emerges from his slumber, but in a cold way. Fortunately, his conclusion hints at the action to come.

She-Hulk: Lawyer episodes are available every Thursday on Disney+ starting August 18, 2022

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