Do you know what is the most read Catholic book after the Bible?

A devotional that encourages us to detach ourselves from the earthly and live trying to please God. The recommendation of the writer Claudio de Castro

Surely you are not familiar with the name of its author: Thomas Hämmerlein or as he was known from then on: Thomas van Kempen.

He was an Augustinian priest of the fifteenth century with a deep spirituality and a great love for the Church and Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.

He wrote a work of devotion to warm the spiritual life of the friars and monks of the time, which was praised by Saint Teresa and by Don Bosco himself.

The origins

It is curious that many people used to recognize them by the place where they were born or they lived and it ended up being their last name, that’s what happened with Jesus who is usually called Jesus of NazarethLeonard da vinci (Vinci is a town in Tuscany in Italy), Teresa of AvilaSan Francisco of Assisi. It even applies to literary characters like Don Quixote of the stain.


There is a city in the north of Spain called Castro Urdiales commonly known as Castro. They tell me that my family comes from there. That’s why my last name, De Castro or “that comes from the Castro people.”

Our author, to whom thousands of souls owe so much, was no exception. Is that why they named him Thomas Hemerken from Kempen (Kempis)? He ended up being known as Thomas of Kempis.

His work? The Imitation of Christ.


The imitation of Christ

I really like to recommend our readers in Aleteia the reading of edifying books that help them grow spiritually and better understand our holy religion.

Don Bosco said that nothing does the soul as much good as reading a good book on spirituality. Today I want to recommend you to read The imitation of Christwritten by Thomas a Kempis.

Getting it is very easy. It is for sale on the Internet and in almost all Catholic bookstores. Call the bookstore closest to your home or work and ask for The imitation of Christ.

It is the book that my dad was holding at the time of his death and that comforted him so much in the midst of his painful illness. He taught her to accept her and offer all his sufferings for the good of souls.

De Imitatione Christi – is

Meditations that improve your life

There is a priest who every day publishes on his Twitter account a fragment of The Imitation of Christ. I like reading it, it’s uplifting.

This morning I just read what you posted from the Kempis book and I thought: «How true. I must write about this book and invite Aleteia readers to read it.”

I’ll copy snippets for you of what I read. It is a chapter of the book that speaks of the Eucharist.

I encourage you to ask you to meditate for a moment on what you are going to read:

How to prepare to welcome God?

Noah, a righteous man, worked a hundred years to build an ark to take shelter in it with few people: then how can I prepare myself in an hour to receive with reverence the one who built the world?

Moses, your great servant and your special friend, made an ark of incorruptible wood, and trimmed it with the purest gold to put the tables of the Law in it; And I, rotten creature, dare to receive You so easily, maker of the law and giver of life?

Solomon, the wisest of the kings of Israel, built in seven years, in honor of your name, a magnificent temple. He celebrated eight days the feast of his dedication, offered a thousand peaceful hosts, and solemnly placed the Ark of the Testament, with music and rejoicing, in the place that was prepared for him. And I, wretched and poorest of men, how will I introduce you to my house, since I am hardly devoted for half an hour? And I wish I’d spend half an hour well!

Host the Lord of angels

Oh my God! What did those not do to please you? But woe is me! How little I do! What a short time I spend preparing for Communion! I am seldom completely collected, and very rarely am I free from all distraction.

And in truth, that in your healthy and divine presence no indecent thought should occur to me, nor should any creature occupy me; because I am not going to host any angel, but the Lord of angels.

a unique presence

Many run to various places to visit the relics of the Saints, and marvel to hear their deeds, look at the great buildings of the temples, and kiss the sacred bones kept in gold and silk. Y You are here present before me at the altar, My God, Holy of Holies, Creator of men and Lord of angels.

No title – 2070

Kind reader, from the country where you read these words, please, do not leave Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament alone.

Go visit him in the tabernacle closest to your home. Carries The imitation of Christ. His reading is uplifting will help you. And a favor. When you go tell him: «Lord, Claudio sends you greetings».

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God bless you!

Do you know what is the most read Catholic book after the Bible?