Dahmer, The Bear, Oussekine… What are the best series of 2022?

Shocking, comforting, brilliant… The 2022 series have once again moved, moved or amazed us. But what are the best of the year?

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Dahmer: Monster – The Story of Jeffrey Dahmer

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The Playlist

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The Good Fight

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1 – Barry season 3

Comedy, drama, thriller and even action: Barry hits the mark with the same precision as his anti-hero hitman. As such, season 3 is a full box.

2 – Atlanta seasons 3 & 4

One of the great series of recent years! Funny, unpredictable, original and relevant, with seasons designed as music albums where each episode is very different from the previous one while maintaining overall consistency. Thank you Donald Glover, Brian Tyree Henry, Lakeith Stanfield, Zazie Beetz and Hiro Murai.

3 – Search Party season 5

The best-series-that-nobody-watches of the moment completes its flawless with an apocalyptic-spiritual final season, which reminds us of its ability to renew itself and surprise us without diminishing the accuracy of its character study.

4 – The Bear season 1

The series that brings “Kitchen nightmare” for a relaxing show. A huge slice of energy on its bed of impeccable original soundtrack, and sprinkled with well-drawn characters and on-point interpretations: we enjoy The Bear!

5 – Scrooge’s Gang season 3

A reboot better than the original series? Absolutely ! Who gets better with the seasons? Yes ! And who will we miss very much after this epic finale? Exactly ! You can bring Myster Mask back now, we’re ready.

6 – Pure

A little nugget from across the Channel, which intrigues us with a gently ole olé starting postulate to better attach us to its main character: Marnie, alias Charly Clive, a beautiful revelation to follow.

7 – Solar Opposites season 3

The other series from the co-creator of Rick and Morty (Justin Roiland) that is today better than Rick and Morty. Especially in this season 3.

8 – The Afterparty season 1

A murder. Many suspects and each episode that returns to the facts following a point of view and revisiting a different genre. When the authors of The Great Lego Adventure tackle the whodunit, it’s (necessarily) brilliant and clever.

9 – Severance season 1

The best office series since The Office. More intriguing and disturbing, with very current questions about the world of work. And less parkour too, but who knows what Season 2 has in store for us.

10 – Sandman season 1

Anyone who has read Neil Gaiman’s captivating comic books knows how difficult, if not impossible, they were to adapt. The success of this series, which takes liberties while remaining faithful to the essence of Sandman, is all the more impressive.

Special mention : The sweet madness of UFO(S). The fun of the Snoopy Show. The mysteries of Yellowjackets and Only Murders in the Building. The flamboyance of House of the Dragon. Irma Vep’s meta vertigo. And the credits of Peacemaker.

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Better Call Saul

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The bet of an equally addictive season 2 is successful. With a renewed cast (except the brilliant Jennifer Coolidge, still there and there!), The White Lotus manages to keep us in suspense during these 7 episodes, with increasingly crazy intrigues.

What a pleasure to follow the adventures of this women’s baseball team! The series adapted from the 90s film manages to make people forget the original, and offer us characters in tune with the times, with an ultra endearing cast.

After Normal People, here is another series adapted from the work of author Sally Rooney, and we find this sensitivity in the way of depicting romantic relationships.

Just like A team out of the ordinary, Irma Vep is the adaptation of a film from the 90s. A very cinephile series with an eclectic and cheerful cast, with a small appearance by Kristen Stewart.

The creator of Dix pour cent introduces us to the world of Parisian stand-up, with a fresh and cheerful cast. Too bad season 2 is not planned.

Special mention: the documentary series The Diary of Andy Warhol (on Netflix) with rare archives of the artist.

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Taika Waititi, Our Flag Means Death

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Evan Peters

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Evan Peters

Dirty, sordid, terrifying… I hadn’t felt that since The Texas Chainsaw Massacre of Tobe Hooper.

Beyond the reconstruction and the (crazy) anecdotes, a celebration of those who work behind the scenes to create the magic of cinema.

I knew little about Soprano’s music. I didn’t know his life. Nor his three friends. This The Last Dance-style docu-series amazed me as much as it moved me.

In line with Succession and Billions, new episodes that went beyond the promise of season 1. With a lot of cynicism and surprises.

A series that looks like nothing. Who does good. And that makes you hungry.

The adventure of the Lakers and Magic Johnson behind the scenes. A real pleasure, whether you like the NBA or not.

Different GoT storytelling, chiseled writing, and promising family and political intrigue that lays the groundwork for a great series.

Almost an episode would be missing… A rare finding in these times of overabundance of series. Dennis Lehane hits hard and Paul Walter Hauser is terrifying.

Anxiety inducing. Surprising. Addictive. One of the nice Apple TV+ surprises with the very beautiful Pachinko.

After three years of absence, we had to be up to it so as not to kill the show. The Duffers pulled it off by offering a memorable villain along the way. And then there’s Eddie

Special Mentions:

The credits of Peacemaker, small moment of happiness of each episode.

Sylvester “Sly” Stallone in Tulsa King, the old school class.

Antony Starr in The Boys S3 and Jean Siuen in Funny, each in their own style, two brilliantly detestable characters.

The pencil stroke of Primal S2, still impressive.

And then, the cast of The Walking Dead, invested to the end in an undead series for at least three seasons, episode 10 of Andor, between an inhabited Andy Serkis and a powerful monologue by Stellan Skarsgard, serial ambitions French companies to offer “something else”, with Le Monde de Demain, Sentinelles, Para//èles, Oussekine…

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Elegant finale for this essential series, full of emotion and finesse, which fed us with little nothings and great feelings, made us grow and from which we feel orphaned.

The comedy series of the year, refreshing and uplifting, which immersed us with joy in the world of stand-up, wonderfully embodied by authentic and piquant comedians.

The masterful Charlotte Gainsbourg, Eye Haïdara and Suzanne Lindon lit up this fine and divine season 2, not far from a Frédéric Pierrot who is still as charismatic as ever.

A chilling and chilling thriller that captivated us from start to finish, with its well-crafted script, daring twists and high-level performers (Marina Hands in the lead).

A daring but successful bet for this series full of fever and emotions, which knew how to capture its subject to perfection (the birth of the NTM group and the cultural effervescence of the 80s) to better go beyond it and universalize it, with a wide eyes and a rare intelligence.

The imperfect mothers were back, still just as moving, funny, trashy, in a word, addictive. And that final cliffhanger…

A mix of thriller and science fiction that disturbed us and held us spellbound from start to finish, thanks to its nervous and neat staging, its effective plot and its shocking duo.

Special mention: The public utility unit A la folie signed Andréa Bescond and Eric Métayer. Powerful, striking and important in its way of denouncing narcissistic perversion and the mechanisms of control.

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Ben Whishaw

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The Bear

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Jean-Claude Lother

The world of tomorrow

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Evan Peters in “Dahmer”.

  • 1. Dahmer: Monster – The Jeffrey Dahmer Story
  • By telling the story of the “Cannibal of Milwaukee”, Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan sign the most controversial project of this year 2022, but above all a great series. A chilling, political and necessary work, especially when it switches, from episode 6, to the side of the victims. Under the features of the killer, Evan Peters is at the top.

  • 2. Oussekine
  • Antoine Chrevollier co-wrote and directed this four-part series about the death of student Malik Oussekine and his family’s fight for justice. The result is remarkable. Driven by both its cast and impressive reconstruction work, Oussekine stands out as one of the most important fictions of the year.

  • 3. Gaslit
  • Told many times in the cinema, the Watergate scandal is revisited here through the eyes of a woman, Martha Mitchell. Thanks to its original angle, Gaslit dwells on unknown elements of history and offers Julia Roberts the ideal role to deploy all her talent.

  • 4. Andy Warhol’s Diary
  • This six-episode documentary series unravels the mystery of the king of pop art. His love stories, his complexes, his demons… Andy Warhol’s Diary is a fascinating work around the artist and a beautiful trip to the golden age of the New York underground scene.

  • 5. Wednesday
  • If it is not free from defects, the Wednesday series is a beautiful entertainment, at the same time solid, rhythmic and aesthetically neat. Jenna Ortega shines in the skin of this character and even manages to make Christina Ricci forget.

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1. Better Call Saul – season 6

2. Dahmer: Monster – The Jeffrey Dahmer Story

3.Tokyo Vice

4. The Boys – season 3

5. For All Mankind

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The Watcher

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Dahmer, The Bear, Oussekine… What are the best series of 2022?