Cultural plans for the Bridge of All Saints

If you are going to stay in Madrid during this bridge, Diario de Madrid tells you several proposals for you to spend these days in the company of the best culture. A play by playwright Sam Shepard, an exhibition on the group of female artists from the generation of 27, known as Las sinsombrero, a street circus for all audiences, a show inspired by the musical matinees of the 1960s at the Price or a trip to the Catalan underground of the 70s. There is more. Keep reading.

  • Tristán Ulloa stars in Naves del Español TrueWesta black comedy by Sam Shepard, and the Catalan counterculture of the 70s shows all its myths in CentroCentro
  • The Price pays tribute to the first modern music matinees that were held 60 years ago in the old circus
  • 21 districts offers for these days music, street circus, and children’s theater
  • The Czech company Karromato offers at the Retiro Puppet Theater a show full of humor inspired by the intermissions that entertained the audience in 19th-century puppet theater performances

TrueWest (THEATER)

Naves del Español in Matadero / Fernando Arrabal Room (Nave 11). Paseo de la Chopera, 14

Tristán Ulloa stars in this version of the black comedy by American playwright San Shepard. A feature written by Eduardo Mendoza and directed by Montse Tixé, whose plot delves into family relationships and personal rivalry. Its main characters are two brothers who, with their duality, portray the conflictive nature of human beings. On one side is Lee, a hustler, and on the other, Austin, a screenwriter, who find themselves back in the family home. Their current situation and their differences will plunge them into a destructive whirlwind as they try to co-create a film script that could change their lives forever.

the sleepless (EXPOSITION)

Fernan Gomez Theater. Cultural Center of the Villa. Columbus Square, 4

The Generation of 27 is one of the most influential artistic groups in Spanish cultural history. Their legacy is widely known as long as we talk about them, but what about them? Within the group of 27 there was a generation of women painters, poets, novelists, illustrators, sculptors, thinkers, filmmakers and composers of immense talent who enjoyed national and international success in their time. However, this recognition was eclipsed during the dictatorship and with the arrival of democracy, female genealogy was not granted the category of historical subject. This exhibition wants to join the fight to reverse the official story, bringing together a wide selection of original works and documents by creators such as Maruja Mallo, Margarita Manso, Marga Gil Roësset, Delhy Tejero, Rosario de Velasco, Ángeles Santos, Ruth Velázquez, among others. . A sample of the creative magnitude of these women and an eloquent vision of the systematic forgetting of women in history.


Arturo Barea Square

Trap is a show that combines an investigation into the Korean scale technique, balance on hands and humor, in a scene framed by a van and the feeling that anything is possible. An innovative program proposal 21 districts with which the public can experience high-level risk in circus techniques and be moved by the complicity of three acrobats who try to resolve conflicts that are as absurd as they are everyday. From start to finish, Tartana makes you part of her crazy games, with which you won’t know whether to hold your breath or laugh.

Caption: From left to right, True West, Las Sinsombrero and Tartana.

The first nights of the bird children (THEATER)

Sanchinarro Cultural Center. Princess of Eboli Street, 29

Five children take refuge for the night in an abandoned warehouse. As in an hourglass that marks time, the boys and girls, with their words and memories, will invoke the memory and the ghosts that froze their hearts. Only by making that trip over phantasmagorias and dreams again will they be able to find the way out of the labyrinth of a truncated childhood.

A show about overcoming, friendship and the healing power of stories. A daring proposal with an attractive and dynamic staging that fuses contemporary dramaturgy for children with the renewal of the scenic languages ​​of puppet and object theatre, and video projections.

Underground and counterculture in the Catalonia of the 70s (EXPOSITION)

CenterCenter. Plaza de Cibeles, 1. Floor 5

This exhibition proposes a journey to a time when freedom transformed the beliefs and ways of life of a sector of youth. The exhibition brings together more than 700 pieces, publications, posters, photography, comics, videos, poetry, music, sets and biographies, among other elements. The tour begins with the arrival of the new countercultural currents from California, London and Amsterdam, since the mid-1960s. Through different thematic spaces, the irruption of the communes, feminism, psychedelia, ecology, spirituality, avant-garde music and arts, among many other references; stopping at places such as Casa Fullá, Instant City, the Canet Rock festival, Casal de la Floresta and Barcelona’s Ramblas, the streets of Chinatown and El Born, where counterculture was experienced on the street.

wooden circus (PUPPET THEATER)

Retiro Puppet Theater. Avenue of Mexico s/n

The Czech company Karromato brings to the stage of the Puppet Theater of the Retiro del Retiro this show full of acrobats, exotic animals, clowns and a circus full of imagination, energy and rhythm. The show is inspired by the intervals that in the puppet theater performances of the 19th century entertained the audience. The almost grotesque humor of the actions together with the beauty of the carved wooden puppets and the use of traditional circus music, help to recreate the atmosphere of the golden age of this genre.


Circus Price Theatre. Round of Atocha, 35

It is the 60th anniversary of the first modern music matinees of the old Price circus (1962-1964), events that forever marked the pop and rock scene in our country. There participated groups such as Los Relámpagos, Los Pekenikes, the Diamond Boys with Albert Hammond, or the debut of Miguel «Mike» Ríos. These concerts, held on Sunday mornings, were received as a breath of fresh air by hundreds of young people. The Circo Price Theater remembers them with a very special production, a meeting of creators from different disciplines, from the circus to rock, from musical theater to the visual arts, led by the stage director Marta Pazos.

Caption of photo: From left to right; Twist, The first night of the bird children and Circo de Madera.

Chini.png (MUSIC)

Veal ship. Ambassadors Street, 206 duplicated

María José Ayarza is Chini.png. The attachment to the guitar as the main tool and a particular vocal timbre characterize the music of this Chilean self-taught composer and video artist who made her way after five years as the vocalist of Chini and the Technicians. In 2019 she embarks on her solo project, being invited to play at the Museo de la Solidaridad Salvador Allende and at Toccata Thousand of the Fundación Teatro a Mil in Matucana 100, while preparing its first Ep ctrl+z (2020 Estudios Niebla), with which he gets a triple nomination at the Pulsar 2021 awards. Chini.png has played at the Marvin Gateway Mexico Festival, Pulsar 2020 Fair, Fluvial 2018, Ruidosa Fest 2017 and has participated as a guest musician for Javiera Mena in el Caupolicán and the Adelaida band at Lollapalooza 2019.

Cultural plans for the Bridge of All Saints