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The Archbishop of Buenos Aires presided over a mass for the 90th anniversary of the Nuestra Señora de la Misericordia parish in Mataderos and called for a merciful, more understanding, more tolerant heart.
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The parish of Our Lady of Mercy in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Mataderos turned 90 on Saturday, December 10. With the motto “90 years embracing with mercy”, a mass was celebrated presided over by Cardinal Mario Aurelio Poly, Archbishop of Buenos Aires, and who was a deacon in 1978 in this parish.

Before a large gathering of the faithful, Cardinal Poli said in his homily: “Celebrating this Mass for the 90th birthday fills me with joy and joy. I receive it as a huge gift.” Poli explained that “while we were praying the Rosary, my imagination flew. Almost in an instant, 44 years have come to an end since I celebrated the first mass, here in Misericordia, in the heart of Mataderos. What a nice memory”.

Alluding to the time of Advent “that the Church gives us to prepare ourselves”, the cardinal primate of Argentina recalled that “the first two Sundays of Advent, they told us about a coming of Jesus that was close but distant. It is the second coming of Jesus.

“The Church wants to prepare us for his second coming, his promise. Someday he will come to complete this story with the power of his love and his glory”, he expressed and added: “These two Sundays that are closer to Christmas prepare us so that our hearts are ready to receive Jesus as they received him. Maria”.

The Buenos Aires archbishop also highlighted that the Pope invented a word a few years ago: “to appease” the heart. “To make a manger out of the heart, to prepare it in such a way because He comes to us. If there is a place in this world where He wants to reign, it is in our hearts.

Next, he dedicated a few words about the personality of John the Baptist: “it is a very beautiful spirituality that I like to emphasize at this time because it is always a character that prepares for Advent.”

“Pave the way because He wants to come into our lives. Those are the words of Juan”, stressed the chainal Poli. “Let’s go to Jesus, Jesus is the center of our life. By celebrating Christmas, this time is an invitation to put Jesus at the center of our lives, ”he added.

Referring to Mary, he pointed out that “She, with immense faith, prepared the way for the Lord, prepared his heart, she did give him grief” and explained that she can help us to prepare the way, to truly convert and dispose the heart of in such a way that Christmas puts the center in Jesus again in our life.

“When celebrating these 90 years I thought, while we were praying the Rosary, how good it was that God put a tent in the Mataderos neighborhood 90 years ago – Father Bordoni, one of the first parish priests always remembered that tent – and it appears a Virgin, they call her Mercy. She is not the one from Lourdes, nor the one from Luján, nor the one from Fátima, none of the known ones. She is of Mercy.”

God’s mercy “has no limits.” “The Church does not exist without the preaching of mercy. And all that he gave to her Mother for us. We enjoy Mercy, her compassion, her love, her consolation. So when we remember these 90 years it is a love story that this woman planted for us with this sweet look, so pretty, with her cloak that welcomes everyone.

The cardinal concluded by urging them to thank God “for having her here in the neighborhood.” “Know that there is no other parish in Buenos Aires de la Misericordia: it is unique, exclusive. He has the delicacy of having imitated and carried out the great project of love of Jesus.”+

Card. Cop: