*Juan Clemente Gomez


50 tales of extraordinary characters.-Teresa Duran Armengol.-Lluis Farré.-Editorial Edelvives

Selection of 50 traditional stories, from different times, typologies and places, that deal with universal themes and show that there is no single way of understanding the world. Each story includes icons that indicate the archetype, the estimated duration of reading, the genre and the typology of each story to be able to select the most appropriate, according to the interest of the boy or girl at each moment. (From 6 years old)

The mechanical hare.-Author Ledicia Costas.-Editorial Anaya

Lazarillo Prize for Literary Creation 2021

Raven disappears and does not count where he is going. When Nana asks her what’s wrong, she gets angry. Nobody in her gang understands what is happening to her. Since he started betting seriously, he seems different. What used to be pure fun has turned into a nightmare. Almost without realizing it, Cuervo ends up involved in a web of problems from which it seems impossible to get out. (From 12 years old)


Legs.-Nono Granero.-Thule Editions

What would you be capable of for love? What would you do to live up to an unattainable love? Could you even create an invention that would make you a celebrity? And would you think that just that would be enough?

*Nono Granero is an illustrator, writer, oral narrator and puppeteer. His work has been selected by The White Ravens and the Cuatrogatos Foundation. He is founder of the puppet company the amazement and promoter of the international festival of oral narration «En Úbeda se Cuenta». (From 6 years old)

blankCat on the road.-Nicanor Parra.-Illustrator Joan Casaramona.- Edition: Piu Martínez.-Red Fox Books

“Gato en el camino” is the first auto antecedent of the antipoetry and literary genius of the poet and Cervantes prize winner Nicanor Parra. In this story, the absurd, the disconnection and the humor surround the life of a kitten abandoned to his fate. Joan Casaramona’s original graphic proposal expands reading possibilities and turns this story into a literary artifact that opens the doors to all generations and lovers of the author’s work. (From 7 years and without age limit).


blankMonumental.-Joan Cinnamon, Jordi Colonques.-Editorial Joke


A noir·la noir set between Valencia, Dénia and Cullera that celebrates the festival of the Falles with the central eix.

The inspector Irene Castro and the sub-inspector Vicent Calabuig have to investigate four darrere disappearances of which they could have been assassinated. Among others, hi has the councilor of Cullera, Àngel Peris, involved in an urban plot. The sospites of Castro point to Sergei Saujman, El Gat, a reconegut cap of the Russian mafia, also linked to the real estate developer Francesc Mencheta, a member of the Nou Benimaclet failure. While she tries to link caps, the inspector felt the suspicious pressure of the judge Antonio Muriel, who donates fins to the Sant Josep endemà to block the case. How will they find out that the last child is converted into ash?

In this black novel, set between Valencia, Cullera and Dénia, Joan Canela and Jordi Colonques build an ironic narrative full of surprises, which ends with a proper esclafit d’una mascletà.

Aquest tàndem ens ofereix a work that combines Falles, assassinats and molt de misteri:

“Escarxofats to one of the sofas, and in calçotets, three homes of trets from l’Europa de l’est, somrients. To other sofas, two gifts and a man with a clearly local appearance –vestits– s’hi asseuen, garratibats. Castro dedueix, per les seues blanques de pànic, that they should form part of the house service. Of the three that laugh shamelessly, the one from mig is a home associate with black hair. The other two are a pair of weapons, both arms with spikes of piconadora guarnits amb tot de tatuatges. Sub-inspector Calabuig aprophytes to photograph them”.