Brass Microworlds premiered “Beirut”

Why “Beirut”? Because “it’s one of the first covers we did with the Micromundos, it’s a song that from the first time I heard it I got goosebumps and I thought it had to be able to go through my body. It is a song by a Lebanese trumpeter who lives in Paris named Ibrahim Maalouf, who fuses oriental sounds with Groove and jazz, and who is in perfect harmony with the search for Microworlds.”

Since June 2022, Martín Testoni Almirón has been touring the European continent bringing the magic of LOS MICROMUNDOS DE BRASS to cities such as Madrid, Paris, Lyon, Berlin, Prague, Brussels, Lisbon and Porto.


Data sheet


Mati Lemos (Keyboards)

Marcos Demartini (Drums)

Brass (Saxophone)

Sound technician: Federico Galeano Zurbriggen

Actors: Poliana Tuchia, Caetano Pires and Martín Testoni Almirón

Audiovisual production: Somtopia Film

Colormaster: Imagica Cooperativa (Bernardo Marozzi and Pablo Esteban Testoni)

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Brass Microworlds premiered “Beirut”


The Universe of Brass Microworlds

Los Micromundos de Brass is a musical stage show created by Martin Testoni Almirón, where various disciplines such as music are put into play, clown, scenic and visual art, to present the fantastic worlds of this scenic time traveler. It develops an aesthetic of the spectacular and fictitious, betting on technological innovations (lighting, architectural, visual and musical), for the realization of presentations in different formats (live and virtual).

Brass’s Microworlds represent a careful space for non-control. A space for expression and reflection. Of freedom. A space of your own. like home. The microworlds are many, each song is a microworld. The shows are conceived as microworlds. And so, we can think of it as cells that make up larger tissues.

The project is made up of Martín Testoni Almirón/Brass as composer and general producer, along with Matías Lemos (keys) and Marcos Demartini (Drums), who merge their knowledge from classical academics, through Latin jazz improvisation, to reaching popular music languages.

In aesthetics and technique are Maia Esquivel (general director) and “Tuna” Galiano Zurbriggen (sound engineer), responsible for providing a look from classical theater to contemporary techniques of performative presentations.

On Thursday, November 10, he premiered his first official video clip belonging to the song “Beirut” (original composition by the French-Lebanese trumpeter Ibrahim Maalouf), shot in October of this year in different locations in Lisbon under the direction of the Brazilian director Duda from Somtopia.

Martín Testino Almirón: The Microworlds of Brass

Martín Testoni Almirón, alias Brass, is a multi-instrumentalist musician who has been developing an active presence in the Argentine art scene for 14 years. Going through a large number of artistic projects; more than 1000 live performances, versatility in musical genres and fusion with other disciplines such as clown, theater, dance, improvisation and audiovisuals.

He has a bachelor’s degree in “Visual Arts with Audiovisual Orientation” from the Professor Juan Mantovani School of Visual Arts.

He is a graduate of the career “Music Degree with orientation in Saxophone” from the Higher Institute of Music of the National University of the Litoral.

She is a student of the career “Technical Degree in Creative Industries” at the National University of Rafaela (UNRaf).

He studied recorder, bassoon, piano, singing and sax in different institutions such as; Music School Nº9902 (CREI). And Children’s Orchestra of the Province of Santa Fe Nº9901.

He participated in tours of: Brazil (2015), Chile (2016), Uruguay (2017), Mexico (2018), France, Spain, Belgium, Denmark and the Czech Republic (2019 and 2022).

He shared the stage with renowned artists such as: Manu Chao, Groundation, Ramón Ayala, Sig Ragga, Carneviva, Dancing Mood, Hugo Lobo, Nonpalicede, Los Espíritus and Los Kaligaris.

He participated in the production of international festivals such as; “Sonamos Latinoamérica” and “Guaraní Der Festival” and the Culture Commission of the “Vecinal Fomento 9 de Julio”.

He was part of more than a dozen albums and composed the music for audiovisual projects, such as for the 8-episode series called “Mundo Memorioso”.

Brass Microworlds premiered “Beirut”