Blow to TV Azteca: After 8 years withdrawn by religion, beloved actress returns to Televisa soap operas

Mexico City.- a famous protagonist of televisionwho has not made soap operas for 8 years after leave Mexico for focus on your family and religion, return to the melodramas. Is about Karyme Lozanowho was confirmed as one of the mature protagonists of the telenovela My secretsoon to be released and produced by Carlos Moreno for television. The 44-year-old Mexican actress returns to what was her home for more than 20 years, so everyone is looking forward to her return.

As will be remembered, Karyme debuted in the San Angel TV in 1994 in Start over. This was followed by melodramas like If God takes my life, Small town, big hell, Three Women, Love without limits, The Spring, My Beloved Girl Y I want to love youher last job on the Mexican small screen in 2014. The actress married for the second time in 2012 with michael sunday after his divorce from Aitor Iturrioz in 2002 and moved to the United States after completing his exclusivity contract.

Karyme Lozano triumphed in soap operas

The actress decided leave fame and adopted a deep faith in Godfocusing on her spirituality, as she confessed that she became obsessed with making money and despite the fact that she became very famous, she stated that she did not feel entirely happy: “I thought: ‘I am the protagonist of the most important soap operas on Televisa, I have money , I have the car I wanted, the house of my dreams, the gallant I wanted… And why don’t I feel happy, why do I feel empty if I have everything the world sold me, which was happiness?'” he explained.

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Tired of the “superficial life” she led and wanting to approach religionthe actress decided go into semi-retirement and took refuge in her three children and her husband. Although she was still active in some projects in USA such as religious series or movies, had not returned to Mexico, until a few months ago he expressed his desire to return, making a call to producers when it began to be broadcast My beloved girlin which he starred alongside Sergio Goyri in 2003.

“Perhaps the producers who invite us to make a telenovela together. I am available to work in Mexico, open to work with whoever invites me and I miss Mexico very much, my audience,” he commented, adding: “I have not retired. I happy to work on a novel like ‘Niña amada mía’. As long as it is a well-made story and a beautiful production like the ones I’ve worked with, I’m happy to return so we’re on our toes.”


And his wish was already fulfilled because they confirm that he joined the cast of My secretwhere he will partner with the actor Arthur Peniche. So reported John Joseph Origin in his ‘Life and Miracles’ column for The Sun of Mexico (and the Instagram account confirmed it @novelandomex), where it was announced that Karyme returns to melodramas after 8 years of absence with Carlos Moreno, with whom she did her last project in the company.

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“In novelties of telenovelas, the names of the cast of the new telenovela ‘Mi secreto’ continue to appear, the one we previously knew as La impostora. This production by Carlos Moreno will mark the return to the Mexican melodramas of Karyme Lozano, who although in the city Los Angeles is keeping busy with her film work, now we will have her back in Mexico after several years of absence,” Pepillo announced in the column.

He also commented that the cast is joined by celebrities such as Mr. Eric del Castillo, Fernando Ciangherotti, Arturo Peniche, Alma Delfina (who returns to Televisa after going to Telemundo), Laura Vignatti, Vanessa BaucheYoung Ana Paula Martinez Y Adrian Escalona Y Macarena Garcia, Diego Klein, Isidora Vives Y Andres Baida Like the young leads. “This production by Carlos Moreno has already started very discreetly with some recordings in forum 14 of Televisa San Ángel, but the official clapperboard will be next July 4,” shared Origel.

Source: Tribune

Blow to TV Azteca: After 8 years withdrawn by religion, beloved actress returns to Televisa soap operas