Attack and resurrection

A few years ago, a friend told me that, at the Ezeiza international airport, the sign that said “Welcome to the Argentine Republic” had to be replaced by another that read “Welcome to the Great Theater”. He affirmed that it would be more honest with foreigners to put them, as soon as they landed, in tune with the local tune.

Distance made to this part, since then, Argentina is not even a theater anymore. A theater supposes that there is decorum, a comedy or a drama and reasonably good actors who interpret the script to the delight of the spectators.

None of this subsists in Argentina. We have fallen into such a profound decadence that there is no electricity left to turn on the theater lights and the stage of the magnificent Colón, one of the lyrical theaters with the best acoustics in the world, was discarded for a bacchanalian neighborhood show.

Those who in the last decade, were governing with violence, today complain of reaping what is sown

A few days ago, in a confusing episode, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner escaped unscathed from a failed attack attempt. Provided that the Argentine justice can still do its job independently, the true reasons and details of the case will be known in a few years. Assassination, headlined all the newspapers. assassination repeated like a choir of toadsExcept for some free voices that kept silent, all the politicians of Argentina. Assassination! They sang all the cumbias in the villages and throughout the country.

I will not stop here to analyze the reason for the nonsense of organizing an attack without having minimal knowledge of ballistics, or experience in the use of the weapon that, according to the experts, had not been armed, but had been triggered.

Many Argentines, who preserve in their most intimate fiber, a supernatural vision of the world and an almost mystical attachment to the caudillos, saw in the images repeated ad nauseam of the failed shot, a supernatural gesture, a true miracle. —Don’t touch Cristina! God save you, Christina! Y all kinds of mystical-religious madness was launched to the sound of drums and cymbals, with the occasional more vulgar “Hold on Cris!”.

There was local consensus to indicate that there is nothing worse in society than hatred and violence. Never moretook on a second life as a leitmotif and there was no lack of someone who remembered that the near disappearance of Cristina brought to life the disappearances of the dictatorship.

It is a paradox. Those who in the last decade, were ruling with violence, today complain of reaping what is sown. Because the pickets, the pressures, the non-respect of the signed contracts, the official rudeness in public acts, all the deaths that corruption and misery have engendered, the assassination of prosecutor Nismanand so many other facts, are violence.

A Kirchnerist senator made it clear stating “Do we want social peace? Let’s stop the Vialidad trial against Cristina”

I am not happy about the attempted attack, which is reprehensible. I’m saying that there is violence worse than violence against a person, which is violence done to a country. The betrayal of the country committed by the late husband and then by the widow Cristina with her henchmen, leaving an entire people in famine and misery, is more serious than the attempted attack for which a official holiday.

There is another reading. Regardless of who the instigator of the attack is and without falling into conjecture, it is true that it suits Cristina like a glove. Accused and against the ropes in several criminal cases, with a request for twelve years in prison and perpetual disqualification from holding public office in one of them, the attack allows her to jump from the defendant’s bench to that of victim. A Kirchnerist senator made it clear stating “Do we want social peace? Let’s stop the Vialidad trial against Cristina.” It also allows him to create, what Argentine politicians like so much, a mystique, a new aura, a legend that nourishes the official story. Joining the chorus of sycophants, there was not even a lack of a bishop who celebrated, in the basilica of Luján, the cradle of Argentina’s spirituality, a supportive mass for Cristina so that we Argentines thank God for having preserved her for us.

If we Argentines still had a little patriotism, we would not pray that prayer. We would be begging for God to receive her in her holy glory so that the country is freed from such a sinister character. But of course, for this a bishop would be needed, who in addition to being a bishop, is a Catholic and a patriot.

Attack and resurrection – La Gaceta de la Iberosfera