Another perspective of terror: The exorcism of God

According to figures from the National Chamber of the Film Industry (Canacine), the movie The exorcism of Godwith script and address of Venezuelan Alexander Gentlemanwas the third highest grossing Mexican of 2022 with 35.4 million pesos in collection and 609 thousand 214 attendees.

For the also director of The house of the end of timethe fact that The exorcism of God has added 2.1 million viewers in both Mexico and Latin America, the United States and countries such as Russia, Singapore and Portugal, is an enormous satisfaction.

As a filmmaker and artist I seek to reveal a work to connect with the audience, to entertain them and share a vision. I am fascinated because the film had a great impact at the Mexican box office, because it is also the highest grossing of the year internationally. As a Mexican film, it is the one that has been seen the most worldwide in movie theaters during 2022, which makes us feel happier, because we try to connect with an audience from our country, but also expand the borders with audiences from other borders and latitudes.

What a horror film seeks is to generate a lot of tension, suspense and great emotional impact on the public. People go to the movies to be entertained and, on top of that, this is a story with very original elements that are set within a conventional horror genre like exorcisms.

However, he has a look that goes further, because he raises another perspective on exorcism: if the devil can be exorcised from a body, so can God, because we carry a divine light with us, but when we commit a sin and fall into temptation When we let ourselves be carried away by corruption, we let out that light and God from us. That’s why the movie is called The exorcism of God”, shared Alejandro Hidalgo in an interview with excelsior.

He explained that the film addresses relevant themes such as forgiveness, “which is the most powerful manifestation of love”, compassion, sin, corruption, abuse of power and abuse.

This is done through the Catholic religion, where figures, icons of horror, which we take from this religion, are also presented. In the film there is the appearance of a demonic Jesus Christ, possessed, and of a Virgin. This has generated a huge impact on audiences that are very religious. However, it is not really about Jesus or the Virgin, but about an image that the devil uses to weaken the faith of the protagonist. In short, I think the film has a great visual spectacle, causes a lot of terror and also delves into very relevant themes. All those elements made it possible for people to enjoy and get carried away by the story on the big screen,” he explained.

Gentleman clarified what were the reasons why he decided to propose diabolical characters on religious images that, although in fiction, generated such a disruptive discourse.

Through fiction one can explore reality. When I was a child they took me to church to pray, one would pray to the figure of a crucified and tortured man, these images that generate fear. I think they don’t really generate a divine leap of faith. I am a great follower of a large part of Catholic philosophy, I believe in forgiveness, in loving one’s neighbor, but this film also speaks, sometimes, of the divorce that exists between religion and spirituality”, he shared.

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Another perspective of terror: The exorcism of God