An Argentine Pope, the unexpected gift that only ten years later we appreciate

Pope Francis in the Vatican

Life sometimes hits and others caresses. The validity of a argentine pope did not occupy a space between our expectations, it was a unexpected gift that ten years later we are just valuing it with the respect it deserves and the distance that separates us. Only our beloved Father Leonardo Castellani ever imagined him in one of his stories, a priest who, when he participated in the writers’ luncheon with the dictator Videla, knew how to express “I came to ask for my friend Haroldo Conti”.

In his time as Archbishop, he asked me for my support for a meeting with Néstor Kirchner since the president always refused to have such a dialogue. My conclusion, expressed to both, was that Nestor couldn’t stand talking to people he couldn’t control. Nestor had no peers, Cristina less, because they felt masters of the power of the position but insecure outside of it. Relations were bad, even when he was elected Supreme Pontiff and the mediocrity of the Kirchnerists did not even understand the dimension of the fact. Before they had sent a group of base characters to Rome trying to prevent the election of who they considered their enemy. Those were times of self-perception of revolutionaries, a fantasize that will end in defeat and return to versions previously considered indigestible right. The “boxes” took the place of revolutionary dreams. Very soon, faced with the reality of Jorge Bergoglio’s obtaining the papacy, they knew how to display the infinite wealth of their opportunism and sow the idea that the Holy Father shared his convictions. At the time, an intriguer whom I despise summoned me to ask me, by order of Néstor, if I remembered that the then Cardinal had participated in the dictatorship. I have exile and kidnapping in my history, the schemer was never imprisoned, the theory that they always tried to impose was that those of us who did not accept violence participated in the repression. This manifest limitation, which wanders between absurd concepts such as the supposed theory of the two demons, tries to turn violence into a virtue by trying to devalue the dignity of the humble that Peronism brought.

Pope Francis managed to change the place of the church in the world. His encounter with other religions has the dimension of a historical fact that shows spirituality as the only path to peace and understanding.

I also had, due to my relationship with the Holy Father, some encounter with Mauricio Macri, who after having shared eight years enduring Nestor’s aggression ended up convinced by the mediocrity of a foreign adviser that time was running out for religions. The worshipers of the “golden calf” are part of human nature, greed usually defines a world where solidarity and spirituality need to be condemned. Religions are today one of the last defenses of humanism against markets and his willingness to transform us into anonymous consumers. Our Pope expresses and defends the needs of those marginalized who wander looking for a destiny.

The recent interviews with Pope Francis have recovered the value and respect that his wisdom deserves. Questions far from the folkloric version were seen about what is his relationship with politics and trifles like that. Sometimes we forget that it was the Church that allowed us to overcome the conflict with our Chilean brothers.

You can go through life being a believer or an atheist, the sad thing is to imagine yourself superior for living in any of its versions. Existential anguish is not usually strange, even to those who perceive themselves as winners. I never forget the poem by Tejada Gómez that describes them with his talent, “he has a dog, a lover and a psychoanalyst who tames his death twice a week.” too many they tried to install the Holy Father in the mental limitation of their confrontationsThey interpreted their gestures forgetting or ignoring their leadership space in the world. The visits and the photos could not define a transcendent vision of his place as a universal pastor, many imagined that if there was a Paradise he could not stop being part of private neighborhoods.

His Holiness Francisco is far above those who believe themselves to be revolutionaries for saying “thirty thousand disappeared” and the anti-popular liberals who define “seventy years” as if our difficulties had not been gestated by the dictatorships they engendered but by the popular vote. . It took us ten years to get out of smallness and make the wisdom of his word heard and understood. His enemies, the usual sepoys, expose his despicable place in the world through the dimension of their macerated grudges against everything transcendent and popular, two spaces of the human soul that usually coexist. We can be believers or atheists, a dialectic that has always accompanied the human being, hatred is something else and does not deserve respect. He Pope Francis is a gift from history that will undoubtedly honor our generations above those who, just for money, try to prevent it.

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An Argentine Pope, the unexpected gift that only ten years later we appreciate