Amérika Medina presents her erotic art “Tua est nox”

the morelense artist Amérika Medina inaugurated her erotic art exhibition “Tua est nox” at the Cuernavaca Museum of Erotic Art (MAEC). This sample is located in room 1 of the museum and is made up of a series of drawings.

During the inauguration, Amérika Medina looked like Femdom or dominactress (woman who takes the dominant role in sexual practices of bondage and submission)accompanied by two submissive characters.

Juan Machín, co-founder and co-director of the MAEC, made the transmission through social networks, and explained that the exhibition “Tua est nox” is made up of graphite and colored pencil drawings, some in large format and others in medium format.

The room text of this important exhibition was written by the artist and teacher Antonio Outón, where he mentions that in the work of Amérika Medina it is impossible to separate Psyche from Eros; in a sexual explosion where desire transcends carnality, madness, and even spirituality.

“Although the eroticism in his drawings is undoubtedly a fundamental vital energy, it is located beyond death in the realm of the unreal, the fantastic and the deliciously intangible. That far beyond suffering that can only be touched with the soul. It is as if sex were made of smoke, or it was a reflection in the water that vanishes when it appears”, writes Antonio Outon.

Likewise, he says that far from capitalist pornography, Amérika shows us, in this series of drawings, scenes after the fact, after intercourse where pleasure has not ended but has transcended or been sacralized.

“We are not here before an adolescent excitement, and even less a premature ejaculation; far beyond violence, it is about a consummate desire that has surpassed anxiety and opened the possibility of peace. A fresh and immeasurable beauty that surprises our time and reminds us that free, detached and imaginative sexual relations are infinite and redefine pleasure beyond the flesh and the mind”.

About Amérika Medina

Originally from Cuernavaca, Morelos; Amérika Medina is a graduate of the Visual Arts degree from the Morelense Center for the Arts (CMA). As part of her professional training, she has attended workshops related to drawing and painting prior to her degree; She also has two graduates; one in Plastic Arts and another in the Teaching of the Arts taught by the Morelense Center for the Arts, she is currently studying the Master’s Degree in Artistic Creation taught there.

In relation to his professional experience, he has participated in nine collective exhibitions; six of these at the Morelense Center for the Arts; two in the Museum of the City of Cuernavaca; two more in more in the CDMX, one in Galeria Aguafuerte and one in the Retrouvé Gallery. As an individual exhibitor, she has had two exhibitions entitled: Las Flores del Mal in the restaurant “Emilianos” and “Between the Human and the Divine.” Likewise, she has received recognition in the Visual Arts contest “Historias Breves” that was held on December 6, 2012 at the CMA of the state of Morelos as part of the VII Week of the Arts.

Finally, she has collaborated at the Papalote, Children’s Museum – Cuernavaca, working as a workshop leader with a diversity of interventions according to the time to be commemorated and as an organizer of temporary workshops. On the other hand, she has provided her professional services as a sculpture in the Visual Transformation project at the Autonomous University of the State of Morelos (UAEM). Currently, she stands out as a designer and sculpture in the company CARETAS REV and a professor at the University Center for Integral Development.

As in any exhibition that is presented at the MAEC, there is a dynamic for those who visit the exhibition, which corresponds to recreating a scene from the drawings that Amérika presents, and thus win a drawing or photograph from the museum’s collection.

Finally, it was announced that Amérika will participate as a collaborator in the Skarlata Magazine in the October-November bimester.

The exhibition “Tua est nox” will remain at the MAEC until November 26. To visit it, an appointment is required on the museum’s social networks.

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Amérika Medina presents her erotic art “Tua est nox”