American Express will bring together 18 of the best chefs from Mexico and the world at Hokol Vuh

Imagine taking out of their kitchens 18 of the best chefs in Mexico and the world to put them together to create, based on Mayan ingredients and gastronomic techniques, a great unprecedented banquet that transports diners to the great era of this ancient culture, with its stories, mysticism, legends, but, above all, its flavors. Well, that is precisely what the third edition of Hokol Vuhwhich will take place next October 22 In the hacienda Ake from Yucatan, presented by American Express.

An epic event that will also leave a pleasant taste in the mouths of participants and attendees, since it was carried out in collaboration with the Haciendas of the Mayan World Foundationhas an altruistic purpose in support of the local community.

Third edition of Hokol Vuh

The third edition of Hokol Vuh will bring together 18 of the most nationally and internationally recognized chefs, with Michelin stars, mentions among the 50 best restaurants in the world or awards from the James Beard Foundation, among others.

In this way, there will be the presence of characters such as Rene Redzepichef and co-owner of the restaurant noma of copenhagenwith two Michelin stars and considered at some point as the best restaurant in the world, by The World’s 50 Best Restaurants.

On the national side, Yucatecan is leading the efforts Robert Solisone of the three characters who participate in the Mexican version of the famous Netflix gastronomic reality show: Iron Chef, accompanied by Carlos Gaytán, the first Mexican to receive a Michelin star, with a restaurant in Chicago.

Likewise, the chefs of the two Mexican restaurants ranked among the top ten of the best in the world, Jorge Vallejo, at the head of Quintonil and Enrique Olvera, leader of Pujol, participate.

Martha Ortiz (Mexico), Dominique Creen (United States), Mauro Colagreco (France), Rodolfo Guzmán (Chile) and Natsuko Shoji (Japan) will also be present.

Hokol Vuh
Rene Redzepi. Photos: Hokol Vuh

The concept of Hokol Vuh is manifested through a gastronomic experience in which the chefs will delight an exclusive group of diners with their interpretation of the mysticism of the Mayan culture, through each ingredient, aroma and presentation used in each one of the 9 dishes of a dinner inspired by this ancient culture.

The experience, beyond dinner, will lead participants through the jungle, caves, fields and traditional markets to a place where the search for culture, history and spirituality will be connected through food.

the altruistic side

The event presented this year by American Express aims to promote and facilitate the strengthening of the cultural and natural heritage of the Mayans of the Yucatan Peninsula, having Milpa Sustentable as one of the economic projects.

Hokol Vuh

It is hoped that this experience will be the beginning of a long relationship with the Mayan and Yucatecan people, and their traditions, so in this third edition the objective is to connect with new generations of milperos to encourage the practice of the milpa, creating sources of sustainable income in youth and women.

Additionally, support will be given to corn production projects that are sustainable proposals in Mexico.

The support of American Express

“American Express is connected to the topic of travel and gastronomy, in fact, we carry out a worldwide study that identifies trends in the sector. And after the pandemic, 70% of those surveyed in Mexico say that gastronomy is one of the most important parts of being able to get to know the culture of a place and it is a great attraction of travel,” said the Vice President of Marketing and Credit Cards. American Express Mexico ServiceAndreia Morelli.

Hokol Vuh

“66% -he added- say they want to know the local gastronomy and that is very nice because perhaps it was not the same a while ago, there was an explosion in the local tourism pandemic and that stayed.”

Morelli explained that American Express tried to join Hokol Vuh since previous editions, but that due to the pandemic this participation had not been achieved, which he said “makes all the sense in the world”, since both René Redzepi, as well as some other of the chefs participants are great friends of the brand who have collaborated in different gastronomic events promoted in Mexico and the world.

“The most beautiful thing is that we will be able to see these chefs, vulnerable because they do not know what they are going to prepare, extolling Mexican gastronomy with their talent, with the products that come from this land and that is very magical. And on top of that there is that social component that is the most beautiful thing that can be put into an event, returning the producers to the local community, because the entire restaurant chain suffered a lot.”

“In the pandemic, we saw the turnover of restaurants at 25% of normal and that impacted the entire chain, the producers, the partners, the chefs, those who work there and seeing that today we are already 20% above what that was billed before the pandemic speaks very well of this rediscovery of the local and that recovery that this industry had ”.

Andreia Morelli and Roberto Solis

A recovery in which American Express was a part, Morelli highlighted, through initiatives that encouraged consumption in local businesses by rewarding cardholders, such as the Shop Small program.

Because of this connection and particular interest in the restaurant industry, it is a pleasure and an honor for American Express to participate in this edition of Hokol Vuh, whose tickets are already on sale through this website. link.

“There are few projects that give us goosebumps like this one. We are very excited and honored to be a part. And it is that the base, at least on the part of American Express, is to be able to help. And I have seen that luxury has to do with this human reconnection that occurs in different ways, through a meal with loved ones, for example, which are the kind of things that people began to value and praise. So in everything we can support we will be there”, concluded Andreia Morelli.


American Express will bring together 18 of the best chefs from Mexico and the world at Hokol Vuh