After divorce and 9 years disappeared from Televisa, protagonist debuts in ‘Hoy’ and crushes ‘VLA’

Mexico City.- a famous protagonist of televisionwho was 9 years retired from soap operas to dedicate himself to his family and religion, he returns to melodramas and appears in the forum of the today program and gives a hard blow to the rating of the morning come the joy of Aztec TV. Is about Karyme Lozanowho will be the adult protagonist of My secreta new telenovela produced by Carlos Moreno for the channel The starswhich premieres this Monday, September 12.

As you may remember, the 44-year-old Mexican actress was part of the rows of saint angel for more than 20 years in melodramas such as If God takes my life, Small town, big hell, Three Women, Love without limits, The Spring, My Beloved Girl Y I want to love you. His last project in the company was in 2013. After his first divorcemarried for the second time and moved to USA with his family, now without his exclusivity contract.

Karyme Lozano was 9 years retired

Karim opted for leave fame since she assured that at that moment it did not make her feel happy or fulfill her, so she focused on her faith and spirituality. Tired of the “superficial life” that she led and wanting to get closer to the religion, the actress decided to go into semi-retirement and took refuge in her three children and her husband. Although she did some projects in the United States, it is not until 2022 that she formally returns to telenovelas and to Mexico.

This Friday, September 9, the actress attended the today program and she said she was very excited to return to television. Drivers of the morning did not stop praising her for how good she looked and she spoke about her return: “Thank you, yes, from the hand of Carlos Moreno, that I love it. Again. I am happy, grateful, blessed. I want to dedicate this work to my precious audience because on networks I put ‘I’m doing this series, movie’ and people put me: ‘yes, but when novel?’ “.

“I dedicate this novel to you with all my love, you will love it and this character ‘Daniela’, which is beautiful,” he shared. And it is that in the plot, the character of Karyme he was in a coma for 25 years. “It is a shock at every level and it is a character that is a challenge, it is the mature protagonist, I am happy. I love challenges, difficult characters. In novels they do not let you go to the rhythm so much, you have to go faster and they gave me chance to speak a little slower, hoarser and slower movements but not so much because they change him”.

about working with Arthur Penicheconfessed: “Oh, I love him. He is a gentleman. He is generous on and off stage. Life is rewarding me in a way… I am happy, very grateful. He is a great actor, he is nice, we have become friends, He is a great human being,” he shared and spoke of the great cast: “Young people are super actors, there are many stories and many secrets. Teenagers, their story is very itchy, there are some wow things, I did not know that this happened in the schools”.

“A cast, Luis Felipe Tovar, Alma Delfinaeverybody, claudia ramirezpeople that I admired and dreamed of working, I’m working, I feel super happy. Don Eric del Castillothat we work together in Girl, my love“, he pointed out, in addition to thanking Andrea Legarreta not having been in the melodrama Three women, since she ended up replacing it and it was a success. Given this, the driver only said: “I don’t know who has to say thanks to whom, I stayed in Today. He was predestined.”

Finally, the actress talked about having a two adopted children and invited people who are considering it to do so if they feel it in their hearts because it is something: “It is a gift from God, the blessing is for me and I want to encourage people, cheer up, if you feel it in your heart do it , it’s something precious, you won’t regret it,” he said, in addition to inviting the public not to miss the telenovela from Monday to Friday at 4:30 p.m. (CDMX time) on the The stars.

Source: Tribune

After divorce and 9 years disappeared from Televisa, protagonist debuts in ‘Hoy’ and crushes ‘VLA’