Actions to take and ritual for the full moon of September 10, 2022

Any full moon is a time when two opposing and therefore complementary forces come face to face, in powerful focus. This is why they are often felt very intensely. This also means that there are two ways to live this peak of the lunation cycle: either by undergoing the tensions present, or by taking advantage of them as a fabulous energetic potential conducive to freeing our creativity. To favor the second alternative, we are going to take stock of the particular dynamics of this full moon of return and offer you a magical ritual of clarification.

So what are the forces present today? Whatever your sun sign, it plays out between Virgo and Pisces. What concerns us here is therefore to find a point of reconciliation between the need to “let go”, to let life, others decide for us (Pisces) and that of firmly holding the reins of our existence by taking decisions based on what suits us or not (Virgin).

September 10 is also the Moon Festival! Discover its symbolism here.

To better understand the issue, let’s first see what happens when these two energies are in conflict, that is to say when we choose one of the two poles to the detriment of the other:

  • If the imbalance leans more towards Pisces, we are espousing the “all is fair” philosophy to excess. It is events, or “signs” (often contradictory) that direct our lives. Lost in the ocean of possibilities, tossed about in the wind, we experience a feeling of inconsistency and the dilution of our desires, which can lead us to depression.
  • On the contrary, if it is the Virgo side that predominates, we are led by our analytical mind which constantly operates a sorting between the “good” and the “bad”. Any lived experience passes through our judgment, which tends to imprison us in old reading grids, to deprive us of our intuitions and our ability to feel the “flow”.

Let us now come to the magic of these two polarities when they find their point of fusion. The power thus released is particularly precious since it has the ability to transform our dreams into reality. With Virgo, our aspirations find the technical and practical means of seeing the light of day. Through discernment, we move easily in the right directions while getting rid of what is harmful and contrary to our wishes. Pisces facilitates the opening of the heart, which allows us to understand in an instant that, no matter what, we are always in the right place.

You’ve no doubt experienced those moments of deep clarity (Virgo) and total confidence (Pisces). You then effortlessly take giant steps in your evolution, carried by a blessed state where everything is successful for you.

This Full Moon of September 10 offers us an opportunity to find new ways of accessing this state of grace. The planetary positions propose us to do it by a Put into motion. Indeed, Mars, god of action, squared to the Sun and the Moon can play the disruptive elements and therefore stimulate a reaction on our part. Immersed in the deep end (Moon conjunct Neptune) we are forced to emerge from passivity or, conversely, from a desire to control everything, which has the effect – if we live this in consciousness – of relaxing the mind. , to reconnect with the faith and thus to take the right actions and communications.

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I therefore propose a ritual that will allow you to refocus, regain confidence in your path, put your ideas back in place and realign yourself in your actions.

Magical ritual of clarification

Thanks to this very simple ritual, you will integrate the beneficial energies of Pisces, and thus allow the Virgin to carry out her work in all serenity to inspire you with creative and luminous solutions. We are going to combine a mantra and a movement. For example, you could go out into nature to walk and breathe deeply.

In this activation of your body, I invite you to recite as many times as you wish: “Everything is fine, everything is wonderfully fine”. Feel the changes in your sensations as you repeat this mantra consciously. Let the energy circulate in this certainty that everything is being put in place and that the actions, the communications that you are going to undertake will be done with ease and joy. Beautiful full moon!

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Actions to take and ritual for the full moon of September 10, 2022