A love story that surpasses any literary fiction

Murcia and Poland are the settings in which ‘El Escultor de almas’ takes place, the first testimonial novel by Cynthia García Egea.

“Cynthia did not know, she did not even dream, that her life could suddenly change, that without thinking she would fall in love to such an extent that she would leave everything behind to run away with that new love…” This is how any romantic novel could begin. However, the protagonist that we present to you today is flesh and blood, not fiction. And although in the following lines we will talk about literature, her story is not trivial, and her crush is not just any love.

Cynthia García Egea is from Murcia and her life changed on Holy Tuesday 2014, in the cathedral of Murcia, during a Eucharistic consecration, there she met the love of loves that changed his life. He left his job in banking, after 20 years and with a managerial position, and abandoned himself in the arms of God. «It changes life totally when meeting the living God, and from there you start your conversion process and your life has a new meaning. You cry a lot for not having met the Lord before».

The look, the senses of the soul in love are altered, and then begin to perceive words, details, that previously went unnoticed. Thus Cynthia received some handwritten Eucharistic testimonies that many people had been depositing in the perpetual adoration chapel of the Episcopal Palace of Murcia. She asked permission to take them home, read them, and transcribe them. This is how it began to take shape the sculptor of soulsCynthia’s first testimonial novel.

Years passed and the pandemic arrived, that dark time that has postponed so many things, and those testimonies that had been stored for five years in a drawer came to light again. «The temples were closed, we could not participate in the Eucharist or the sacrament of Confession, we could not worship, which was the support of my life… And in those months, the Lord gave me everything I needed and I began to write the sculptor of souls» Cynthia recalls.

Thus, the testimonies ceased to be anonymous characters and came to life. Clara is the protagonist of the novel who lives a story similar to that of Cynthia, an exciting love story with God, with her dabbling in human love as well. Some events that take place between Murcia and Poland. “She is fun and easy to read,” says the author of her.

His book can be purchased in many bookstores and platforms because “it is a book for everyone”, also for those who are not believers. This is a personal commitment of Cynthia, to bring Catholic literature closer to people far from the Church, also a form of evangelization: «Others are there, we are missing. In the areas of spirituality I have found books that are more fiction novels, that have nothing to do with the respect and sanctity of our books, books that are entrusted in a special way».

His determination to evangelize through literature meant that last year he was commissioned to coordinate the first edition of the cycle literature and faith, within the International Week of Letters of the Region of Murcia EXLIBRIS, a complete success. “The authorities said that it had been a success to have us, that faith had to be there.” The experience was so positive that the cycle celebrates its second edition this year. During this week, the monumental complex of San Juan de Dios in Murcia hosts this cycle with the intervention of Catholic writers and publishers, every afternoon, at 6:00 p.m., until full capacity is reached.

A love story that surpasses any literary fiction