120 years after the birth of Jaime Galté

By Sergio Salinas Canas

In Jaime Galté Carré there are three broad lines of development: ethics, concerned with the set of norms that dignify human behavior; the philosophical, not to philosophize but for the validity of fundamental principles and values; and initiation, as a spiritual experience of change from one stage of life to another, towards a new state of individual and social consciousness. In each of these lines, Galté wrote books, in each one he founded organizations, in each one he was outstanding, but, in addition, his love for his neighbor was priceless, he never received any money to help others.

In Galté’s conduct, ethics and public service prevailed, he never sought recognition but on the contrary, he avoided it. Above all, being endowed with extraordinary faculties, such as mediumship, precognition and unfolding. I can say, as Galté’s biographer, that in his life two spirits were incarnated who synthesized the best of science (Dr Halfanne) and the best of spirituality (mr lowe), but Galté’s own life is a synthesis of the best of both worlds, agreeing on a basic principle of life: humanism.

Many lawyers from the University of Chilesuch as the former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Enrique Silva Cimmaor the professor of procedural law, an eminence in the field and author of numerous legal texts, Hugo Pereira Anabalon. Numerous doctors also surrounded him, such as Jorge Vigourouxdoctor of epidemiology, Francisco Donosoendocrinologist or Brenio Onetto, head of the Laboratory of Experimental Parapsychology at the University of Chile. In addition, Galté helped numerous politicians and two presidents of Chile, Carlos Ibanez del Campo and Salvador Allende. In addition, he helped the family Bachelet.

Jaime Galté entered the University of Chile to study Law in 1925, five years later he obtained his law degree, with a report that dealt with the formation of a new bill on limited liability companies, which later became a law of the Republic. He obtained the title of extraordinary professor of the Chair of Procedural Law between 1942 and 1958. As a lawyer he was part of the drafting commission of the Organic Code of Courts and at the same time he published a text for his teaching in the law school, titled manual of organization and attributions of the courts. But in addition to his successful professional life, Jaime also participated in groups that reinforced his spirituality and his foolproof morality. He was a member of the Grand Lodge of Chile and initiating member of a Martinist group in Santiago de Chile, an initiation and philosophical Christic order, founded in 1891 by Dr. Gerard Encause (Papus), in Paris, France.

In 1963, he founded with prominent professionals the Chilean Society of Parapsychologyentity that worked under the wing of the University of Chile (School of Psychiatry).

Jaime Galté pointed out many times that the practice of tolerance feeds on sincerity: “Controversy never converts anyone; one asserts himself in the ideas that he wants to defend and becomes more obstinate in them as the attack is more lively; the convictions affirm or change by themselves, as the reason grows and the light is made. While it is true that tolerance requires respect for all sincere beliefs, we cannot forget that our reason must reject all dogmatism, all fanaticism and all superstition, because otherwise, we would break our oath to fight tirelessly against error and evil” (1962).

In addition, the lawyer and academic always maintained that this ethical, philosophical and initiation path, which he followed as a life guide, would be attacked by the dogmatic, the intolerant and those who only seek their personal well-being, maintaining their myths and privileges. Regarding the human element, as a performer of justice, Galté maintained that our ideas and behavior should be polished by reason and tolerance, so it was necessary to dedicate ourselves to the study of the causes of human miseries and the means to remedy them, like sacrificing our passions and destroying our own ignorance and that of our fellow men. Charity is fundamental –he affirmed several times- but it should always be known that charitable acts are measured by the greater or lesser dedication that you can offer to your fellow men without expecting personal benefit or reward. This concept of charity is not that of gifts but the charity that delivers another fundamental value, love, in this case, for one’s fellow men, for all of humanity, something that seems chimerical today.

A text without an author uploaded to the web in 2010, describes what the meetings that would mark the history of parapsychology in Chile were like. It was the first time that the way in which the lawyer and academic Jaime Galté Carré channeled him was made public. The text states that:

“While the world was devastated by convulsed post-war times, in Chile, in the medium’s house, on Avenida The marinecommune of San Miguela Martinist group (Christian initiation order related to the Rosicrucian Order) seeking spiritual growth. The assistants, waiting expectantly for Galté to fall into a trance, knew in advance that what they would hear would exceed his capacity for wonder. Soon, Galté would fall into a deep trance, a whispering, melodic voice with a marked English accent would break into the silent and magical environment and, willing to address any topic, he would ask the attendees what topic was bothering them today. It was Lowe, as that character called himself, emphasizing that the name did not matter; the answers were clear, simple, loaded with a wealth of extraterrestrial wisdom: issues as complex as the concept of sin were elucidated with the clarity and illumination typical of an enlightened person. Without dogma and without prejudice of any kind, he led listeners towards a pragmatic, eloquent revelation that was impossible not to be overwhelmed by the wisdom of its content. In the distance, an old tape recorder General Electric, recorded the entire session. Later, the content would be listened to and transcribed to edit it in two books that we keep as a treasure… on the threshold and before the threshold”.

A first conclusion, the development of scientific parapsychology in Chile during the 20th century was directly related to the extrasensory faculties possessed by the Chilean lawyer and academic, Jaime Galté, and his channels that, in addition to incorporation mediumship or psychophony, also contemplated the automatic writing of the spirit of Dr. Halfanne, deceased in bolivian in 1906. Between both types of channeling, 300 were recorded using typewriter sheets and from the fifties, 17 of them, using mediumship technology, on magnetic tapes. There are also photographic records of 30 of the recipes obtained by automatic writing.

On a tape from July 19, 1953, the spirit of Master Lowe refers to the pyramids of Egypt claiming that they hide a great spiritual secret. In channeling it is maintained that its construction has an exoteric and an esoteric explanation. The first refers to remembering the memory of a pharaoh, manifesting it as his tomb. And the second refers to a series or school of symbols that would have been left to the priestly caste of initiates. Consequently, the pyramids constitute an encyclopedia of this knowledge accessible exclusively to those who possess the necessary keys to decipher them.

The mystery of them would correspond to using the corresponding keys to decipher all the symbols they contain. And in this way to reach the knowledge that the initiates possessed at this time. Obviously, the Egyptian initiation was graduated for the initiates. «In this case, you would have to know how to start reading if you knew all the keys to know how to start reading (…) But in addition to this, dear brothers, the pyramids have another mystery that is not easy for current generations to decipher. And it is that now they are acting and having sessions in the initiation, exclusively spiritualist, the ancient initiates, disincarnated, with the ancient ones, currently incarnated. And this advance of theirs, constitutes at present an impenetrable mystery».

In a meeting, Mr. Lowe, through Jaime Galté, pointed out: “When you find your respective Masters and seek the Truth without passion for an idea or belief, the door will open and you will cross the Threshold with full awareness.” In another channeling session Mr. Lowe pointed out to the Martinist Group a phrase of Eliphas Levi, prominent French occultist: “Tell a fable to a wise man and he will see a truth in it. Say a truth to a reasoner and he will revoke it as a doubt; tell a truth to a madman and he will take it as a fable”.

By Sergio Salinas Canas

Biographer of Jaime Galté

Column originally published on May 21 in The Thinker.

120 years after the birth of Jaime Galté