11 mythical scenes of the cinema around food

Food has always been a very recurring element when it comes to telling stories in the cinema. It is something everyday, very visual and capable of provoking all kinds of emotions: from nostalgia, pleasure or discomfort to obviously hunger. We have compiled 11 mythical scenes from movies that you surely remember because they revolve around food.

‘The Menu’ (Mark Mylod, 2022)

It is one of the latest gastronomic films that have been released recently and that criticizes haute cuisine. Although it is better not to reveal anything about the plot to avoid spoilers, the food is very present throughout the story. One of the memorable scenes is this speech by the chef, played by Ralph Fiennes, in which he begs diners not to eat but to taste, savor, delight…

‘Women on the brink of a nervous breakdown’ (Pedro Almodóvar, 1988)

Pedro Almodóvar is another of the directors who gives much prominence to meals. We could highlight a lot of scenes from his filmography, but this gazpacho moment with sleeping pills that Carmen Maura starred in ‘Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown’ is iconic.

11 mythical scenes of the cinema around food