10 parenting tips from the Sunnah

Many of us want to be the best version of ourselves and strive for excellence in all aspects of our lives. One of the ways to do this is to learn from Prophet Mohammad ﷺ, who had exemplary behavior and was a model for all mankind. This article presents 10 educational tips from the Sunnah. They can help you become even better parents.

Encourage them to learn

Parents should encourage their children to seek knowledge throughout their lives. The Prophet Mohammad ﷺ said that “the search for knowledge is a duty for every Muslim”. Parents can help by providing resources such as books or online courses for them to use in their studies. It is also important to follow their progress at school, to follow their results.

Teach good character traits

It has been reported that the Prophet Mohammad ﷺ said: “The best of you are those who have the best character”. Parents should try to instill in their children good values such as honesty, generosity, respect, etc. This will allow them to grow up with strong moral values.

Treat your children the same

According to the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, parents should not show favoritism towards any of their children. On the contrary, they must be fair and treat all their children equally in terms of education, support and other opportunities. Parents should show love and compassion to all their children.

Be an example for your children

Parents should be role models for their children and lead by example. Some parents spend their time arguing, playing online casinos, others don’t even work… Show them the importance of following Islamic principles, show respect, kindness and humility in all interactions, and be a source of strength when faced with challenges. By doing so, you will inspire your children to strive for excellence, both spiritually and academically.

Create an environment conducive to learning

Studies have shown that having a quiet study area free of distractions can help children focus better and learn more effectively. Parents should ensure that their children have a comfortable and organized study space at home where they can work without distraction.

Be patient with his progress

It’s important to remember that every child has their own story and journey, and progress can be slow or non-existent at times. Parents need to be patient with their children and provide them with the support and guidance needed to help them achieve their goals.

Use positive reinforcement

Rather than punishing or scolding your children for making mistakes, try using the positive reinforcement to motivate them. Praise them for their efforts and reward them for good results to encourage them to keep learning and striving for excellence. This type of positive reinforcement will help them develop a sense of pride in their accomplishments.

Set high standards and expectations

Parents need to set high standards and expectations for their children so that they have a goal to achieve. This will not only motivate them, but also teach them discipline. Establishing clear rules and boundaries is a great way to show children how they should behave in different situations.

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10 parenting tips from the Sunnah