Meeting with Christian Pilon Métis and Franco

Reading time : 7 minutes [LA RENCONTRE D’ONFR+] OTTAWA – Christian grew up in Azilda, not far from Sudbury and later near Lake Superior. Coming from a family of hunters and fishermen, he is today a voyageur, traditional Anishnabe canoe maker who lives in Ottawa. This Franco-Ontarian bears the spiritual name of Siegebreaker. Carrying within … Read more

Brother Bordino, modern day Samaritan

CENTENARY OF BIRTH Seven years have passed since the beatification of Brother Luigi Bordino, a professed religious of the Congregation of the Brothers of St. Joseph Cottolengo. The biography of his short earthly life, only 55 years old, tells us of a Christianity embodied in the depths of his time, immediately alongside the least and … Read more

Europe is ripe for the emergence of liberal Islam, says French expert

Barcelona (Spain), Jun 12 (EFE).- Islam and freedom are two inseparable ideas for the jurist and Islamologist Kahina Bahloul (Paris, 1979), the first woman to declare herself an imam in France and founder of the Mosque of Fatima, where they pray together men and women and where he teaches a faith in which universality and … Read more

Kroaz ar Vretoned/La Croix des Bretons. Meeting with the director of a Catholic and Breton gazette

If the media Ar Gedour is well known to readers of Breizh-info, there is another gazette, Catholic and Breton, entitled Kroaz ar Vretoned/The Cross of the Bretons, which you can discover online (here) and which gives pride of place to spirituality in Brittany. We spoke with its director and founder, Augustin Debacker. “The Catholic Faith … Read more

Carla Ponti and a dive into memory on the day of the Republic Day with the Bevagna Band

DRINK – On the evening of June 2, I was about to make a heavy decision: to stay at home or to go and listen to the concert of the Bevagna band. Why dilemma? Because my physical condition right now is not entirely reassuring. Would the humidity of the evening hurt me? I have decided. … Read more

Works by Dávila Rinaldi and whiskey tasting for dad at Petrus Gallery

The renowned Puerto Rican plastic artist Carlos Davila Rinaldi presents a series of interesting works accumulated over some 40 years, which under the title of “Accumulation/Revisited”opens on Wednesday June 15 at 6:00 pm in the Petrus Gallerylocated at calle Hoare, number 726, corner of Las Palmas, in Miramar. In addition to being a painter, sculptor, … Read more

« Que sais

Préface Défaire les nœuds de la conscience aliénante En allant me recueillir un jour sur la tombe de Malek Bennabi au cimetière de Sidi M’Hamed à Alger, m’est venu à l’esprit le célèbre quatrain que Mohamed Iqbal prononça avant de mourir : « Lorsque je quitterai ce monde,  Chacun dira : “Je l’ai connu.”  Mais la vérité est, hélas !  … Read more

«Siate pronti perché tutto finirà molto presto». Quando padre Pio predisse a Maria José la fine della monarchia

“Maria José. Indomita regina” edito da Ancora, è il titolo della biografia di Luciano Regolo, condirettore di Famiglia Cristianan e di Maria con te dedicato alla consorte del principe Umberto II. In esso numerosi episodi e vicende  ricostruiti attraverso testimonianze e documenti, tra i quali la fiera opposizione della principessa a Mussolini. Pubblichiamo il resoconto accurato … Read more

The Via Dolorosa, or how to walk the path of Christ in its 14 stations

Jerusalem, with all its letters, is one of the most precious holy places for pilgrims and Christian parishioners, who can return to Israel from May 21, vaccinated or not. The city of Jerusalem has endless places for pilgrims who yearn to discover it and among them and indisputably, the Via Dolorosa Known by all, the … Read more

The Maneskins to conquer Cannes, in a golden suit and dreaming of Elvis

from Valerio Cappelli, sent to Cannes Damiano and associates in the soundtrack of the film with Tom Hanks dedicated to the king of rock they inflame the Croisette with a decidedly shimmering outfit «Here is the most awaited montee des marches of the 75th edition» shouts the speaker into the microphone. Crowd of great occasions … Read more