On earth as it is in heaven – France Catholique

We discover in Haute-Savoie an enchanting heritage of Baroque churches which reflect the spirituality of the Council of Trent and of Saint Francis de Sales. Savoy is located in the famous “baroque crescent” which extends from the Iberian Peninsula to Italy, southern Germany, Austria, Bohemia and Slovakia, passing through certain regions of France and Flanders. … Read more

At 103 years and 3 months, Mother Margherita Riolo concluded her earthly life.

At 103 years and 3 months, Mother Margherita Riolo concluded her earthly life. He finished his earthly life and began, at the same time eternal life, which never ends. And if we think about it, it really is like this, wanting to take the opportunity to remember that this truth is the only exception, which … Read more

SLAVOJ ŽIŽEK, “The dwarf and the dummy” | Catholic civilization

A speculative journey within the evangelical message conducted from an atheistic point of view, but which leads the author, a well-known contemporary philosopher who has always been interested in Marxism and materialism, to a reading of the Christian fact as original as it is stimulating. This originality of his is also the result of the … Read more

Islam and Wellness: The Controversial Success of Islamic Personal Development

Content that combines Islam and personal development flourishes on the Internet and in bookstores. If Islamic coaching is fully consistent with the message of Islam for its followers, others condemn a deviation from religion and its submission to materialistic considerations. “Become the best version of yourself through the prophetic model,” reads the title of this … Read more

Ancient improvisation between enchantment and creativity

Locum Sacrum is the name of a jazz festival organized inside the Convent of San Francesco di Paola, located in Spezzano della Sila in Calabria. A magical place, where spirituality and the sacred accompany visitors and, in our case, characterize the music of a fascinating record directed by saxophonists Francesco Caligiuri and Nicola Pisani. Deeply … Read more

Tequisquiapan is awarded as a Wellness Tourism Paradise

Within the framework of the Madrid International Tourism Fair (FITUR) 2023, The XVIII edition of the Excelencias Awards was held, in which Tequisquiapan was awarded for the project: Tequisquiapan, Paradise of Wellness Tourism. “We are very honored to receive this important award that recognizes the professionalism and quality of specialized service providers whom we have … Read more