The statue of St. Michael the Archangel

The statue of San Michele Arcangelo has been restored to Grottaminarda. The Rotary Community Corps Avellino Est Association, chaired by Sonia Bruno, announces the event scheduled at the Parish of Santa Maria Maggiore on Sunday 25 September, after the Eucharistic celebration presided over by the Bishop of Ariano Irpino – Lacedonia, Sergio Melillo. the local … Read more

“The Lord does not have WhatsApp, but he does have a direct line with our hearts”

Maria Luisa Berzosa is nun of the Daughters of Jesus Congregation and a graduate in Educational Sciences with a specialty in youth ministry, she is also one of the first women consultants of the General Secretariat of the Synod. Currently, the Pope Francisco is carrying out a series of catechesis dedicated to the theme of … Read more

Dominican Episcopate celebrates 60 years of its official constitution


Santo Domingo. – The Dominican Episcopate Conference (CED) celebrated its 60th anniversary of foundation, this Thursday, September 22, with a Eucharist and a meeting attended by bishops, collaborators and executive secretaries of the National Pastoral Commissions that make up the institution. Although it existed since 1954 as the National Episcopal Commission of the Dominican Republic, … Read more

Ordre des Prémontrés : l’activité économique au service de la mission

« L’élan missionnaire d’une maison des Prémontrés se traduit dans ses choix concrets dans le domaine social, économique et culturel », a affirmé le pape François en s’adressant aux Chanoines réguliers Prémontrés, jeudi 22 septembre. Le pape François a reçu en audience, dans le Palais apostolique du Vatican, les Chanoines réguliers prémontrés, à l’occasion du … Read more

Terra Madre and the charge of volunteers: thousands of them came, there is also a school


from Nicolò Fagone La Zita “It’s a wonderful experience,” says Sofia, 17. Mrs Olga, 83 years old: “For me it’s a medicine” If the 2022 edition of the Salone del Gusto is working so well, part of the credit certainly goes to the volunteers, ready to make time and skills available without asking for anything … Read more

This hotel in Holbox is the best place to reconnect with positive energies


The magnificent Mexican island Holbox transmits a natural, calm essence and enjoyment of life from the first moment. Now the boutique hotel Being Casasandrabecomes the ideal place to reconnect with your spirituality thanks to its holistic center Ahal and its new Be Retreat program. CASA TO, A BOUTIQUE HOTEL THAT BALANCES NATURE AND ARCHITECTURE It … Read more

Carlo Petrini, to WineNews: it is our lives that must be sustainable, to regenerate us


“Never as in this historical moment are we aware of the importance of the food system, all, as a whole, with respect to environmental degradation. And therefore how the need to regenerate the way we eat and produce is a need that can no longer be postponed, on pain of the fact that we become … Read more

Father Ripamonti: with migrants, the future is built


The 108th World Day of Migrants and Refugees will be celebrated on Sunday, September 25. The president of the Astalli Center for Refugees, the Jesuit priest Camillo Ripamonti, illustrates some of the priorities related to this year’s theme. He hopes “that the spiritual charge brought by many refugees will be a real stimulus, so that … Read more

Divinazione, spiritualismo e atmosfere gotiche di Danhly


L’adeguamento dell’arte alla personalità e alle nuove culture che si sono delineate nella contemporaneità ha costituito e costituisce un importante e originale spunto per riflettere su temi che forse non appartengono alla cultura più popolare, ciò nonostante esercitano un fascino magnetico anche in chi non ha compiuto un percorso di approfondimento nell’ignoto, nel misterioso, e … Read more