How can mindfulness meditation nurture spiritual life?

Mindfulness meditation (MBM) has become widely available in recent years. It penetrates schools, the world of work, parliamentary assemblies… The reactions are varied among Christians. Some, in search of inner peace, are tempted to substitute it for their time of prayer. Others, on the contrary, fearing that it masks a Buddhist proselytism, reject it. Pascal … Read more

The Catalan matrix of the spirituality of Saint Ignatius de Loyola. The black Pope at the presentation of the film “The Ignatian Way”

In recent days, the Generalitat de Catalunya presented, first at the Vatican Filmoteca in Palazzo San Carlo and then at the Casa del Cinema in Villa Borghese, the documentary “The Ignatian Way” by Catalan director Jordi Roigé. The delegate in Italy of the Government of Catalonia, Luca Bellizzi, the director of the Ignatian Way Office, … Read more

Time of change in the Diocese of Lecce, The new appointments of Archbishop Seccia

Time of changes in the Archdiocese of Lecce. Yesterday morning the archbishop Michele Seccia gathered the diocesan clergy in Roca on the occasion of the usual day of the priesthood at the end of the pastoral year. During the meeting he made official the appointments of the new parish priests and other pastoral services which … Read more