Leaders, managers, entrepreneurs: let’s dare spirituality at work!

The current crisis is not only economic or health; it is more profoundly existential. We, leaders, managers, like our employees, too often act according to performance conditioning and suffer more and more from being disconnected from reality, cut off from the essential. We see that materialism, consumerism, the financialization of the world are proving unfit … Read more

Per Artem ad Deum Award: Tornatore’s cinema goes to Heaven

As in a look. A gaze that moves whoever gives it, who receives it, whoever is in its midst. This is the cinema we love, dream of and hope to see again on a big screen. On June 8, 2022, the 23rd edition of SacroexpoInternational Exhibition of Sacred Art and devotional objects, constructions and fittings … Read more

Festival Étonnants Voyageurs : un rêve merveilleux de forêt avec le botaniste Francis Hallé


Grande stature, large sourire fendant son visage tanné par les rayons du soleil tropical et chaussures montantes aux pieds, on le croirait tout droit descendu de son arbre, Francis Hallé, quand il arrive dans l’auditorium plein à craquer du Palais du Grand Large de Saint-Malo. Il est là pour parler de “La vie des arbres”, une … Read more

Lunar calendar 2022: dates and times of the moon phases

What are the key dates of the 2022 lunar calendar? No matter what you have planned this year, the Moon will be sure to transmit its energy to you to help you materialize your wishes. Find out how it punctuates our daily life with the lunar calendar. The lunar calendar precisely indicates the cycles of … Read more

Franco Battiato’s story: loves, spirituality, songs and disgust for corrupt politicians


Franco Battiato died on May 18, 2021. One year after his death, Rai1 remembers him with the documentary “The courage to be Franco”. We retrace his story: unforgettable songs like La Cura, the decision not to marry and have no children, the ongoing spiritual quest and the disgust for political corruption. Franco Battiato he died … Read more

The 1000 planets promised in Starfield by Bethesda worry the players

After 4 long years of waiting, Bethesda has finally begun to lift the veil on Starfield. If the players were delighted to finally have information to put in their mouths, they only fueled the fears of some players, already feverish in the face of such an ambitious RPG. At the end of the Xbox & … Read more

At the basilica of San Vitale a week of sacred music in homage to San Francesco


Sacred representation for baritone, male voices, strings and harmonium, commissioned to the composer Cristian Carrara Cristian Carrara There is a vein of spirituality, an attraction and an attention to the sacred dimension of artistic expression that has always run through the programming of the Ravenna Festival and that in this XXXIII edition takes shape and … Read more