Aníbal Fosbery OP, trainer of priests and laity, and founder of FASTA, dies at 88

On May 5, the well-known Dominican friar passed away at the age of 88, Hannibal Ernesto Fosbery OP. The priest had been hospitalized on April 27 at the Pedro Fiorito Hospital in the city of Avellaneda for a successful operation for an intestinal complication, but he was unable to overcome a subsequent respiratory failure that … Read more

Peter Lanzani: “Esta obra es un salto al vacío, pero confío en que la gente se va a tirar conmigo sin problemas”

En una temporada teatral donde abundan las apuestas a lo seguro, con revivals de obras que fueron éxitos en épocas menos duras, el estreno del unipersonal Las cosas maravillosas se erige en una invitación al riesgo, en una aventura al desafío, tanto para los productores como para el público. Y ni qué hablar para el … Read more

Esteban Arce: The day the devil spoke to him and changed his life forever…

Esteban Arce is a famous TV host in Mexico and famous among Hispanics in the United States and Latin America since the 90s. His path to fame led him to the abyss of perdition due to excesses, parties, ego and vanity. He went through the most famous program of the time on Telehit and Televisa … Read more

Con un lleno completo, el pasado martes 31 de mayo se present en la Galera Manuel E. Amador la exposicin Salpicando Artes del profesor Rubn Contreras, donde expreso una variedad de obras de su trayectoria profesional en la pintura, en los grabados y escultura, entre otras siempre realzando a la a mujeres negras como fuente … Read more

Cats: more than pets, they are our guardians of spirituality

Since ancient times, cats have been considered magical animals. That is why in some mythologies, such as the Egyptian, they were worshiped as gods. That is due not only to his intelligence, but also to his protection skills and, not to our physicality but to our spirituality. In the doctrine of Buddhism, these cats are … Read more

Pesach and the development of spirituality through being put to the test

Jewish Link Mexico and Israel / Rabbi Shlomo Katz – R’ Moshe Chaim Luzzato z “l (1707-1746; prolific author recognized as one of the leading Kabbalists of all time) writes in Mesilat Yesharim (chap. 1) that everything in this world, whether good or bad, is a nisayon, usually translated as a “test.” If so, many … Read more

The life and spirituality of the popular blessed “influencer” Carlo Acutis, summarized in 5 words


the young italian Carlo Acutis He was only 15 years old when leukemia ended his life. Despite his young age, this “influencer” of God did not waste a minute of his path. Beatified on October 10, 2020 in Assisi, where his remains can be visited permanently since this past June 1, Carlo is today a … Read more

Find out what the third eye is in Doctor Strange 2 and what it may mean for the future of the MCU

The ending of Doctor Strange 2 has left us with many unanswered questions about the future of Stephen Strange Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness leaves many unanswered questions, but the most important one is related to why doctor strange has a third eye on his forehead at the end of the movie. The … Read more

Rock, jazz, folk TERRAZA DEL BAR ZEZENGORRI Calle Mayor, 37 bis (Burlada). >Sábado 4 de junio, de 19.30 a 21 horas, mexicanas con los hermanos Ríos. CONCIERTOS ROCKOLLECTION >Sábado 4 de junio, a las 21 horas, Las tardes de Rockollection con… Buffalo River Band. Entrada libre. IZAL Gira Hogar. Sábado 4 de junio, a las … Read more