Silvia suffered a demonic possession: “The devil exists. I have been possessed and thanks to God and the Church I was freed”

Interview of the Aleteia portal with the Spanish Silvia Ramírez who captured her dramatic experience in a book, worthy of a horror movie, but at the same time full of hope: “When I was worse, I experienced great mercy” It is not usual to find the testimony of a possessed person. In some cases because … Read more

Pío Ix y Maximiliano buscaban engañarse mutuamente | Periódico Zócalo | Noticias de Saltillo, Torreón, Piedras Negras, Monclova, Acuña

Estábamos prestos a narrarle a usted, lector amable, lo que prometimos al final de nuestra colaboración anterior, cuando, de pronto, se nos apareció una crónica sobre cómo se desarrolló la entrevista que, el 19 de abril de 1864, sostuvieron Giovanni Maria Mastai-Ferreti Solazzi quien, entre 1846 y 1878, dirigiera los negocios de la iglesia católica … Read more

Silvia Pérez and the present of comedy: “It is much more difficult to make people laugh than to cry”

Silvia Perez He knew how to turn his career around to meet a full version today. After rising to fame as a model and later as one of the “Alberto Olmedo girls”the sad end of the remembered comedian led her to start from scratch. “Everything came together with a lot of energy and it was … Read more

Spirituality: The five openings of consciousness, a tool for understanding oneself

In these unusual times when division seems relatively present, I wanted to write on a subject that is little treated in society: our inner nature. In fact, to get along, you have to be able to understand yourself, and to understand yourself, it can be useful to get to know others better, how they work … Read more


Her skeleton stays the same, but she gets thicker. The 2022-2023 season of Clermont Auvergne Opéra does not allow itself any weak time, dares the large format, multiplies the prestigious names, affirms the quality, blows on the embers of fantasy, opens up to all audiences. An overbidding which is accompanied by an attractive pricing policy … Read more