The Church and the cry of the native peoples

Renew the alliance with the native peoples: this is the commitment of the Church. This is underlined by Monsignor Luis Antonio Scozzina, bishop of the Diocese of Nueva Orán (suffragan of the Archdiocese of Salta) and president of the Episcopal Commission for Aboriginal Pastoral Care, before the microphones of Vatican Radio – Vatican News. The … Read more

Banco Santander Foundation presents in Commodore a volume that projects the future

Related news The coming-out of Twelve visions for a new world, where is the human being headed?the last volume of Fundación Banco Santander’s Obra Fundamental Collection, brought together eight of its twelve authors this morning at Cultura Commodore –Ana Merino, Andres Ibanez, Cristina Cerezales Laforet, Irene Grace, Jose Maria Merino, Juan Manuel de Prada, Mercedes … Read more

Why is Carmen Villalobos no longer seen with her husband Sebastián Caicedo

For many years Carmen Villalobos and Sebastian Caicedo They have been one of the most solid and famous couples in the artistic environment in Colombia. The romance united them for 13 years and everything was going very well in the relationship of the artists; but in recent weeks the actors have not published together on … Read more

Punta Querandí: «Un lugar para la gente que se está descubriendo»

En el límite entre Tigre y Escobar, una comunidad protege un espacio sagrado del avance de los countries sobre los humedales de la cuenca baja del río Luján. Tras varios intentos de desalojo, no solo se encargaron de preservar un lugar en donde fueron encontrados restos de Pueblos Originarios de mil años de antigüedad, sino … Read more

Municipal Classical and Modern Ballet prepares symphonic premiere of “Las moradas de Teresa”

Within the framework of the celebration of its 50th anniversary, the Municipal Classical and Modern Ballet of Asunción will perform on June 3 the symphonic premiere of “Las Moradas de Teresa”, with the special participation of the Spanish composer and director José Miguel Évora, who will conduct the National Symphony Orchestra (OSN), and the singer … Read more


The event will be held from June 2 to 4 in Posadas, with the participation of the provinces of the Norte Grande. “To speak of heritage is not only to speak of memory, but also of the present,” said Francisco Romero during the presentation, held at the Casa de las Culturas del Chaco. Officials of … Read more

The incredible story of Rubén Armoa, the Shaman of Argentine celebrities | Direct Panning

When did you realize you had the gift?From childhood, at age 7, I felt the need to do rituals, light candles, buy saints. He told people things that were going to happen, and they came to pass. As a child he was a little witch, and in my family he attracted attention because nobody had … Read more

Ingmar Bergman through his films

It has always been one of the biggest inspirational for filmmakersmore or less young, for example Woody Allen has never made a secret of her admiration for him: let’s talk about Ingmar Bergman. The author’s films are existential masterpieces and, at the same time, of formal research. With rigorous and literary script writing, coupled with … Read more

Alexandre Brasseur: “As a child, I went to film sets”

The actor Alexandre Brasseur was the guest of Valérie Expert and Gilles Ganzmann on Sud Radio on May 25, 2022 in “Le 10h – midi”. On May 5, 2022, the book “Added” by Alexandre Brasseur (with the contribution of Mathieu Souquière), in which he recounts his life. Alexandre Brasseur: “We are all the addition of … Read more

The Uffizi’s reply to the controversy over the loss of NFT management of works of art

The Uffizi’s reply to the controversy over the loss of NFT management of works of art (Wednesday 25 May 2022) There controversy on Nft Uffizi and other museums was born from a service from the Hyenas from which a piece on Repubblica was born. According to these journalistic products, there is a possibility that … Read more