Christmas. Meet the artisans of good news [1/3]

Our editorial On Christmas night, the good news is the business of the angels first. What do they say? Something fundamentally good is happening in this world! By installing our little plaster and wood nativity scenes, how can we find their meaning? Because this good news springs from what is both the most common and … Read more

Consideration of dreams that become challenges

Going from an existentialist state (material) to an essentialist state (spirit), requires a change of model in people’s lives, based on the experience acquired, from a formal or empirical perspective. The materialism that is based on the acquisition of goods and services, expressed by the existentialist doctrine, will mean a constant practice for the young … Read more

Le roi des Yansi appelle à l’enrôlement de tous

Les communautés RD. Congolaises se mobilisent, de plus en plus, dans les opérations d’identification et d’enrôlement d’électeurs à quelques mois des élections complètes qui vont sûrement avoir lieu cette année, sous la permanente conduite et bénédiction de la commission électorale nationale indépendante (CENI). Lancées officiellement, le samedi 24 décembre de l’année dernière à l’Institut … Read more

Credits are authorized on 30% of funds in foreign currency

The Superintendence of Institutions of the Banking Sector (Sudeban) authorized the banks to grant loans in national currency on 30% of the portfolio of freely convertible deposits. Through circular No. 00335, dated January 18, the Sudeban made the measure official. The mechanism determines that “banking institutions may grant credits in national currency to their clients … Read more

In Toulouse, the first “Noces de Figaro” by Hervé Niquet with the Orchester du Capitole

the essential A great specialist in French music, Hervé Niquet conducts for the first time “The Marriage of Figaro” by Mozart and the Orchester du Capitole, of which he is a fervent admirer. This is your first time with the Orchester du Capitole… I’m happy like a kid in a candy store! It takes me … Read more

It is not only salary and dignity, it is also conscience

And Esau sold Jacob his birthright for a bowl of pottage. Genesis 25: 29-33 “In difficult times there are those who get confused, there are those who get discouraged, there are those who cower, there are those who soften, there are those who betray, there are those who desert. That happens in all times and … Read more

What are the eight films selected for the Croire au Cinéma award? | RCF

Cinema, a “window on the world” “We need to go to the cinema, and the cinemas need us”. For Pierre-Olivier Boiton, journalist at La Croix L’hebdo and member of the prize selection committee, nothing can replace cinemas, “those places of contemplation that can elevate us”. Anne-Claire de Gaujac, president of the film club CIN’AZUR Nice … Read more

How ‘Avatar: Way of the Water’ Tells Na’vi Stories Through Its Costumes

Costume designer Deborah L. Scott loves telling stories with clothes. “It helps the storytelling of the film,” Scott says of her artistry, which is evident in the meticulous detail behind the Na’vi costumes she created for James Cameron. Avatar: The Way of the Water. An Oscar for the director Titanic and recipient of this season’s … Read more

Tradition, innovation and charity on the way to Christmas

In the pastoral letter sent to the Austrian faithful, on the occasion of Advent 2022, the Austrian bishops wanted to offer a key to understanding trust and hope for the period of preparation for the birth of Emmanuel: “It is not easy for anyone to bear the current uncertainty and the many unanswered questions. Where … Read more

Tutti i film in uscita su Netflix nel 2023

È il momento speciale dell’anno in cui Netflix svela tutti i film in uscita sul servizio di streaming in questo nuovo 2023. Alcuni di essi hanno date specifiche già annunciate, mentre altri hanno solo una tempistica generale. La maggior parte non ha ancora una data: sappiamo solo che uscirà nel corso dell’anno. Ci sono alcuni … Read more