“The Lion of Alexandria”, a book to get to know Saint Mark better

Jean-Philippe Fabre, priest, initially a graduate of Essec, exegete and teacher, is a specialist in the evangelist Saint Mark, whom he has been studying for three years. He delivers us to the Lion of Alexandria, a story that includes some elements of fiction. A bold approach that hits the mark. Your novel is devoured in … Read more

Marc Minkowski: “Bach makes the Bible resonant, vibrant”

You have just finished performing a Mozart trilogy at the Opéra national de Bordeaux. An apotheosis after almost six years at the head of the institution? It is a beautiful gift that we offer to the public with the three operas which are among the greatest in the repertoire: The Marriage of Figaro, Don Juan … Read more


A partir du mercredi 8 juin 2022, un nouveau magazine culturel et religieux verra le jour La Runion. Intitul Origine : histoires, cultures et spiritualits runionnaises, ce trimestriel d’une quarantaine de pages mettra en avant la diversit culturelle et religieuse de l’le travers diffrents thmes. Il sera alors disponible dans plus de 60 points presse … Read more

Nekfeu: the story of his superb verse in tribute to Nepal

SZR 2001 is now available. On “N’oublie pas”, Nekfeu pays a superb tribute to Nepal, through a verse full of references. After several years of waiting, the S-Crew came back with a new album: SZR 2001. Rarely addressed in song since his death at the end of 2019, Nepal was the subject of a superb … Read more

Prix du témoignage 2022 : Des récits généreux et engagés


Prix Pèlerin du témoignage Notre 14e Prix du Témoignage est lancé. Profitez de l’été pour lire notre sélection de onze récits solidaires qui racontent aujourd’hui et préfacent demain. Mis à jour le 8 juin 2022 à 6:15 Publié le 8 juin 2022 à 12:57 © Thi Doan Découvrez notre sélection de onze récits solidaires pour … Read more

(Ticket 712) – Prohibition of “Lady of heaven”, once upon a time… the Ulema

Our faith must all the same be damned (it is the case to say it) shaken, so that our religious authorities, acting under the orders of the king, they insist on saying in their press release, prohibit yet another film, which ” undermines sacred values ” of the Kingdom. Well no, our sacred values, we … Read more

Art and Nature at Domaine de Chaumont


Three enigmatic figures, also imbued with spirituality, by Jaume Plensa are installed in the park and invite us to meditation. On entering the Domaine de Chaumont-sur-Loire, the visitor is greeted by three hieratic bronze figures, installed in an arc, which impose a powerful but discreet presence. As always in the work of Jaume Plensa (born … Read more