Austin Butler: “During filming, I fell asleep and woke up with Elvis”

At 30, Austin Butler explodes playing Elvis Presley in front of Baz Luhrmann’s camera. In a disturbing mimicry, he is a perfect King over almost three decades. Meet a new star. Paris Match. At only 30 years old, you have chosen a role that is almost impossible for an actor to wear. Did you feel … Read more

Tom Hanks Teases The Da Vinci Code Trilogy (And It’s Kinda Funny)

After three films, it was time for Tom Hanks to confide in the saga Da Vinci Codewhich he describes as “bullshit”. The 2000s saw the emergence of a raging trend, the post-adventure filmIndianaJones. After Lara Croft: Tomb Raiderwe were entitled to Benjamin Gates and the Templar Treasure, welcome to the jungle and of course, to … Read more

A great technique to stop procrastinating


Mel Robbins, American speaker and television host, is known for erecting a supposedly revolutionary rule in decision-making: the five-second rule. If its author assures that these five seconds can change a life, we will limit ourselves to underlining their impact on the fact of postponing household chores, administrative files, evening prayers… There are plenty of … Read more

Les dix épisodes de «Peaky Blinders» dont il faut se souvenir avant de commencer la saison 6


Temps de lecture: 11 min Attention: cet article dévoile des éléments de l’intrigue des cinq premières saisons de la série Peaky Blinders. En 2013, Thomas Shelby débarquait sur son cheval noir dans les rues de Small Heath, quartier pauvre de Birmingham, en plein centre de l’Angleterre. L’année 1919 marquait le retour des anciens soldats à … Read more

With small steps

“For you Flora plays a monumental and essential role in the portrayal of Aboriginal characters on screen,” enthuses Charles Bender, actor from the Huron-Wendat nation. who plays a role in Sonia Bonspille Boileau’s series on the legacy of residential schools for Aboriginals in Quebec. But beyond a “deep, three-dimensional and complex” representation, the first fiction … Read more

Collecte nationale des synthèses locales sur le Synode 2023 sur la synodalité

Le processus synodal mis en œuvre à l’appel du pape François a mobilisé plus de 150 000 personnes en France. D’octobre 2021 à avril 2022, des équipes synodales se sont réunies à des échelles variées : diocèses, paroisses, mouvements, groupes spontanément constitués, congrégations religieuses… En fonction de leur contexte, ces équipes ont souvent choisi de traiter … Read more

Bill Gates’ Anti

In a recent interview at TechCrunch 2022, Bill Gates once again voiced his opposition to cryptocurrencies and NFTs, stating that average investors should not follow the example of celebrities investing in cryptocurrencies. A recent article in Interesting engineering States, Gates said these digital assets were “100% based on a dumber theory,” that investors make money … Read more