Steve Buscemi : Ses 30 meilleurs films à voir et à revoir

Steve Vincent Buscemi est un acteur américain qui est aussi réalisateur, producteur et scénariste. Il est né le 13 décembre 1957 à Brooklyn. Aussi bien actif dans des films indépendants, il a notamment tourné dans Desperado, The Big Lebowski, Armageddon, Hotel Transylvanie…. L’acteur à la carrière riche est souvent apparu dans des comédies, des films … Read more

International Colloquium “Religion, War and Peace”


Research – International Colloquium International Colloquium “Religion, War and Peace” From October 13, 2022 to October 14, 2022 Updated September 28, 2022 This symposium brings together researchers from around the world who study the links between religions and violence. October 14 and 15, 2022, Salle Jean Borde de la MSH Bordeaux. The project was born … Read more

5th Tahiti Women’s Forum: achieving performance despite crises


After a year of absence due to covid, the 5th edition of the Tahiti Women’s Forum took place this Thursday. Its work brought together 120 participants. For most female entrepreneurs or executives. Its theme: performance. A fully topical question after an unprecedented health crisis and in the midst of an energy and inflationary crisis which … Read more

The Church of Marseilles, a pioneer in Mediterranean pastoral care


The diocese of the oldest city in France set up a service for Mediterranean relations a year ago. The first of its kind on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, it intends to encourage awareness of the issues of peace, dialogue and fraternity in this region, the Abrahamic cradle. Meeting with Father Alexis Leproux, episcopal … Read more

LSD to alleviate depression or anxiety


For twenty years, the therapeutic use of psychedelic substances has been revived within the scientific community. Despite the prohibition of psychotropic drugs, research demonstrates their effectiveness in alleviating depression or anxiety disorders.

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Pour une politique du silence


88 « Si l’interaction humaine est conditionnée par la capacité de parler, elle est façonnée par la capacité de faire silence » Georg Simmel, Secret et sociétés secrètes (1908)   « Le silence, dans notre environnement, est un produit désormais réservé à peu de monde. Le silence est une nécessité de l’existence. 25 millions de Français sont exposés … Read more

Religion: the Mission Congress opens in Paris – Regards protestants


Last year, the event took place, for the first time, outside the capital, in nine cities, including Marseille, Orléans, Rennes and Besançon. It brought together more than 15,000 people, including 10% of practicing priests in France, specifies The cross. For his 8th edition, the Mission Congress, which takes place from Friday September 30 to Sunday … Read more

“For Giorgia Meloni, ‘The Lord of the Rings’ is not just a beloved novel but a program”


La very conservative Giorgia Meloni is devoted to the Lord of the Rings, the saga of J. RR Tolkien, with its elves, hobbits, magicians, dwarves, orcs and humans. We imagined her obsessed with an Italian writer, she quotes the British author of one of the bestsellers of the XXe century, the model of the genre … Read more