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Faced with the current state of the planet and its future, 67% of French people say they suffer from eco-anxiety34% believe that their “eco-emotions” affect their daily mental health. A particularly marked trend among 16-25 year olds, 75% of whom judge their future “scary

While everyone is wondering how to contribute to the construction of a new, more harmonious and sustainable world, no less 87% of the population, however, believe that government action is not up to the ecological emergency.

However, solutions exist, accessible to all and quick to implement. “.


What if we called on God for help to save life? », a philosophical and secular approach initiated by Frédéric Lowe which pursues a double purpose:

  1. Demonstrate through logical and scientific reasoning that there is a transcendent entity that can be called upon to help save life on Earthbecause humanity will not be able to avoid the catastrophe on its own.
  2. Explain the role of beliefs in creating our living conditions and the importance of transforming them at the individual and collective scales to create a harmonious and sustainable world.

This approach, which does not refer to no religious dogmaaims to participate in the mobilization of a population representative of the free will of the human species to contribute to the Call and save life on Earth.

Because it is a question of initiating right now a philosophical transition! Like a new Renaissance after decades of ideological obscurantism, it will lay the foundations for a new Age of Enlightenment.

We must create an intellectual and cultural current intended to replace the beliefs causing the planetary destruction, by new ones more harmonious and durable.. »


  • A holistic view of the causal relationships underlying multiple crises : Frédéric Lowe relies on 14 years of professional experience in the sustainability of organizations. He has thus developed a detailed understanding of the interconnections and interdependencies between the challenges of sustainable development and economic, political and technological issues. It is the fruit of 10 years of personal research in spirituality according to a rigorous scientific method. He thus identified the psychological mechanisms and beliefs at the origin of destructive human behavior.
  • A coherent narrative and a unified overview of our issues : The approach he shaped, spirituality-scientific, is multidisciplinary. It breaks down the silos between fields of knowledge by mobilizing philosophy, metaphysics, as well as the fundamental, human and social sciences. He is thus able to establish a logical link between our multiple problems by going back to our relationship with the creative entity at the origin of the universe.
  • A dynamic outside the dominant currents of thought : Einstein said that you can’t solve a problem with the mindset that created it. Frédéric responds favorably, and considers solutions with a state of mind that is resolutely different from those underlying growth or decline. So it goes further than the bestselling book”God, science, evidence” (Guy Trédaniel, 2021): because if the latter affirms that science has demonstrated the existence of God, he does not analyze the implications of this conclusion for the human species.

Beyond demonstrating philosophically that there is an intelligent creative entity at the origin of the cosmos, Frédéric actually goes further by maintaining that it is also possible to call on it for help and benefit from its help.

“The beliefs that are currently driving our action are the root causes of the destruction of the planet”

My approach aims above all to restore the power to act, to find meaning and hope. It is also a plea for humanism, inviting equality and unity of human beings.. »


Published in June 2021 by Keyopi Éditions, God’s Plan is Frederic Lowe’s first philosophical essay. There he developed his innovative philosophy, spirituality-scientific, a multidisciplinary approach aimed at reunifying metaphysics and physics to offer a coherent account of human existence.

Frédéric thus maintains that the planetary collapse is a direct reflection of an inner collapse, caused by a spiritual fracture. This is the fact of socialization, because the dysfunctional identity norms that it imposes separate from the Self (that is, from one’s soul, in Jung’s sense), from the living and from Life.

This denial of the Self then induces a suffering which is reflected in a world on the verge of rupture. “.

The whole purpose of the essay is to equip the readership to help them let go of the masks of socialization, in order to reduce their spiritual fracture and reconnect with their Self.

For this Frédéric offers an innovative introspective itinerary, bringing together spirituality, philosophy, fundamental and human sciences.

Ultimately, this return to the awareness of one’s true Self not only contributes to the establishment of a deep inner peace, but also awakens the fact that there is an intelligent and loving creative entity that can be called upon to meet multiple challenges such as than those facing today.


Frederic suffered from eco-anxiety from 2016 to 2019 as a reaction to dashed hopes and a sense of inability to effect change as the climate emergency grew ever more pressing.

In 2019, he realizes that humanity will not be able to get out of it by its own means (political, economic and technological), because the societal transformations to be carried out to avoid the catastrophe are unachievable in the time allowed.

He draws two conclusions:

  1. Humanity will need superior help to avert catastrophebecause too close to the wall to avoid it.
  2. Humanity will first have to transform its belief systems to truly transform society and make it more sustainable, equitable and harmonious.

In 2020, he writes his essay to serve this dual purpose by mobilizing his scientific training, his 10 years of introspection and 14 years of professional experience in the sustainability of organizations.


Frederic Lowe

Frédéric Lowe holds an engineering degree from the École des Mines and a master’s degree in social sciences from Paris-Dauphine University. He is also certified from the HEC coaching school.

Always driven by the desire to positively impact the world, he has 14 years of professional experience in the sustainability of organizations (auditing, consulting, finance). It has thus helped economic players to adopt more responsible environmental and social practices.

Faced with the magnitude of societal challenges, its search for impact has evolved into quest for meaning. Frédéric then invested in secular spirituality and personal development to find new resources to mobilize.

This introspective path made him realize that you must first change your inner world to transform the outside. Therefore, it is necessary to start by transforming the current belief system, to see the advent of a more sustainable and equitable society.

Frederick therefore shares Gandhi’s philosophy when he said: ” Be the change you want to see in the world! “.


To democratize access to solutions to the current systemic crisis, Frédéric relies on his media visibility (tv, radio, press) to build a community of contributors to the Call. Its workshops are therefore intended to be transformed into larger-scale conferences in order to reach as many people as possible.

It has thus implemented various actions in 2022 which have proven to be very effective:

  • January/February 2022: the RATP campaign and the Well-being and alternative medicine show (exhibitor and workshops) allowed him to be spotted by the publishing house J’ai lu (leader in sales in France in the spirituality with nearly 25% of the market share).
  • May 2022: presentation of the essay Le Plan de Dieu in the dossier “dare to let go” published on Marie-Claire’s website.
  • September/October 2022: salon zen (exhibitor and workshops), transfer of publishing rights to J’ai lu who will use his essay to launch a new collection in paperback format in 2023. and 14 years of professional experience in the sustainability of organizations.

What if we called on God for help to save Life on Planet Earth? – CDURABLE.info