What happened to Philip Michael Thomas, Don Johnson’s partner in ‘Miami Vice’?

Fame is capricious. Who dawns one day located at the highest can wake up the next sunk in the deepest pit of oblivion, and that in Hollywood they know it quite well. Show business is synonymous with instability. Whether on the small or the big screen, there are thousands of cases of actors who have gone from dominating the covers of the most popular magazines on the market to appear in small roles in a series or film of dubious quality.

Some disappear due to the controversies that have led, more or less bizarre events that have changed their public perception and alienated brands and advertisers. Others, due to their professional decisions, due to the inability to string together good roles that would maintain their fame beyond the successful series or saga of the day. Y there are those who end up completely consumed by their own ego.

Precisely, the latter was what happened to Philip Michael Thomasthe actor who played policeman Ricardo ‘Rico’ Tubbs in the famous Miami Vice. Unlike his co-star Don Johnson, who was able to ride the turbulent waves of fame with relative fortune after her stint on the crime drama, Thomas’ career came to an end shortly after ‘Miami Vice’ went out of business.

What happened to Philip Michael Thomas after ‘Miami Vice’?

During the five seasons that ‘Miami Vice’ was on the air, Thomas was able to boast of being one of the best-known faces in the world. And she did. The actor, who knew that the series owed a lot to his charismatic performance, believed at the time that his future would be marked by success and fame. For him, as he confessed in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine in 1985, Miami Vice was a springboard, the first step towards a golden career that would place him alongside other great stars.

Philip Michael Thomas popularized the acronym EGOTCord Press

The actor was clear. His passing through ‘Miami Vice’ would help him continue his musical career (during the 80s he released two albums, although without much success), from there he would jump to the big screen and finally end up in the theater. Y all, yes, with enormous success.

As they remember in The Atlantic newspaper, Thomas He was the one who popularized the acronym EGOT to designate those people who have won the top four industry awards: the Emmy, the Golden Globe, the Oscar and the Tony, a feat reserved for only 16 people in all of history.

By the time he invented the term, Thomas was convinced that he would win all these awards. In fact, this was the main goal of him. “Hopefully, in the next five years I will have won these awards,” he would have declared in 1984, according to Vanity Fair.

The reality, however, he was much less kind to the interpreterwho for his interpretation of detective Tubbs would only achieve a failed Golden Globe nomination. After the end of Miami Vice, and despite his ambitions, the actor was unable to stay at the top of fame and regressed in various B movies and TV movies. During this time, the actor also lent his voice in ‘Grand Theft Auto: Vice City’ and ceded his image rights to the esoteric and divination network ‘Physhic Reader’s Network’, to which he would end up suing in the early 2000s for breach of contract.

After these experiences, the actor kept getting further and further away from the spotlight. In 2006, he definitively left the world of acting and decided to focus on spirituality, a concept that had always played an important role in his life, and in his large family (he has eleven children, five with his ex-wife and six from relationships previous). Currently, he is still out of the industry, but it seems that the awards no longer concern him in the least and that Enjoy the peace and quiet of a life away from the cameras.

What happened to Philip Michael Thomas, Don Johnson’s partner in ‘Miami Vice’?