” We guard creation ”: diocese in the field with a rich calendar of initiatives

CIVITAVECCHIA – «The Italian Church dedicates the month of September to the custody of creation: as Christians we take on the responsibility of being careful in our behavior because we all have the duty to live in an eco-sustainable way. With this particular sensitivity, the two dioceses of Civitavecchia-Tarquinia and Porto-Santa Rufina have thought of a series of events that can help us to raise awareness and also to reflect ».
Thus Bishop Gianrico Ruzza presented the second edition of the review «CustodiAmo il Creato» proposed by the two dioceses, united in the person of the bishop, to raise awareness of the themes of Pope Francis’s encyclical “Laudato Sì”.

The prelate opened the initiative today, 1 September, on the “National Day for the Custody of Creation”, meeting journalists at the Episcopal Curia of Civitavecchia-Tarquinia.
Flanked by Chiara Barbera, Emanuela Chiang and Lorenzo Mancini, among the animators of the initiative in the two dioceses, as well as by the representatives of the pastoral offices, Monsignor Ruzza illustrated the rich calendar of events that will start on Sunday 4 September, at 5 pm, with the Eucharistic celebration which he will preside over at the Olitar Oil Mill in Via Pratini del Marta in Tarquinia

Cultural initiatives, shows, walks, naturalistic visits, liturgies and celebrations in various places of the two dioceses will be promoted throughout the month “to experience together the beauties of nature”. The bishop’s invitation is “to really put your heart and, if possible, a little your face, to smell this new air that we want to live. An important commitment, across the board – a different style of life, a co-responsibility for the Common Good, an education for the other – to safeguard the great gift that the Lord has given us ».


September 4th
Mass for Creation together with the agricultural world
5 pm – Frantoio Olitar, Via Pratini del Marta in Tarquinia
“I love creation” begins with the thought of “mother earth” and those who take care of it, cultivating it. Prayer in a workplace, Frantoio Olitar, in continuity with the synodal meetings, wants to express closeness to women and men who are struggling and struggling to guarantee food for the whole community.

September 9
«The cry of the Earth. Songs for a Christianity open to the social ».
Concert and testimony by Don Mimmo Iervolino, parish priest in Pomigliano D’Arco and Laudato si ‘animator.
7.30 pm – Parish of the Nativity of Holy Mary, Via dei Santi Martiri di Selva Candida, 7 in Rome
Between melodic rock and dance-music, the singer-songwriter priest proposes a musical reflection on themes such as social justice, war, climate change, poverty, malapolitics, divisions in the Church.

Sept. 11
Sea of ​​young people. Visit to the natural reserve at the salt pans of Tarquinia, dinner and music by the sea.
5 pm – Queen of Peace House of Spirituality – Tarquinia
The custody of the common home starts from the knowledge of nature next to us, rediscovering its beauty in communion with others inaugurates a renewed gaze on other creatures.

September 16
“Call the Moon.”
Theater show by the company Avanzi di Scena directed by Marco Paniccia on texts by Laura Angeloni with the actors: Marco Paniccia, Eleonora Piermarocchi, Laura Farina, Riccardo Schioppa, Fabrizio Loreti, Chiara Barbera, Daniele Barbera.
9 pm – Buonarroti Theater, via Buonarroti 13, Civitavecchia
Integral ecology, even before the type of disposition towards nature, challenges the quality of relationships starting from how we relate to ourselves, to follow with the way in which we are linked to others and to other things. In this dimension “CusotodiAmo the creation” welcomes in its path the show “Call the moon”. Reality and fiction. Sincerity and silence. A dinner with friends will build the stage within the stage, where the characters will end up being caught up in the difficulties of a reality lived in parallel and without the knowledge of others. But a bitter and sadistic game will reveal the cards.
Each of the characters will face their own ghosts, with respect to which they will make their own choices.
The sincerity of the affections will remain at stake, upset and resized by the repeated twists given by the show, in a frenetic succession of emotions and upheavals, which from the comic will lead to the dramatic, ending up offering, in the outcome, a moment of serious reflection on the human dynamics, between misery and pride.

September 17
We music in creation
8.30 pm – Buonarroti Theater, via Buonarroti, 13, Civitavecchia
With words and music Androman, Blince, Irene Gargiulli and Shylock some artists and musical groups among the young people of the area propose their sound paths to pause to reflect on the connection of everything and on the responsibility that this awareness brings in personal and community choices

September 18th
Mass with young people and visit to the Cascatelle di Castel Giuliano.
10 am – parish of San Filippo Neri, Piazza Santa Croce, 4 in Castel Giuliano (Bracciano)
Young people are entrusted with the task of reconnecting the spiritual dimension with the environmental culture to spread in society that gaze of God who in the book of Genesis contemplating his creation “saw that it was good”.

19-23 September
Get up and pedal
Ecological relay by bike
Departure and arrival from the Cathedral of the Storta
Via del Cenacolo, 45 in La Storta (Rome)
“The balance of the Church recalls that of the bicycle that falls if it is stationary but ‘it’s okay’ if it is in motion”. (Pope Francis, April 24, 2018).
The ecological bicycle relay will cross the territory of the diocese of Porto-Santa Rufina, involving parishes and institutions. Over 150 kilometers that will be traveled from 19 to 23 September to welcome the message of the Encyclical Laudato si ‘. Our planet is suffering and climate change is the clearest sign of this. Human beings, especially the weakest, pay the consequences of the excessive exploitation of the land, the obsessive consumption of goods and the unsustainable social inequalities that derive from this. Get up and pedal wants to awaken consciences, feed the passion for caring for the world, educate to inner peace and the alliance between man and creation, to correspond to the plan of the Creator. The bicycle that symbolizes everyone’s commitment to “pedal” change; the communities that will welcome the bicycle symbolize our renewed community commitment; the power supply symbolizes the adoption of new lifestyles capable of respecting the creation that God has given us.

September 23
We praise the creator.
7.30 pm – Cathedral of the Storta – Via del Cenacolo, 45 in La Storta (Rome)
“Guardian I love creation” concludes his path by addressing the prayer to the Father of heaven and earth, asking forgiveness for the wounds inflicted on the work of his hands, on nature and on his most fragile children, and thanking him for the gift of every creature .

” We guard creation ”: diocese in the field with a rich calendar of initiatives