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Opening the Festival de Sablé 2022, a comedy-ballet by Molière presented this Wednesday, August 24, 2022. ©Les Nouvelles de Sablé

8:30 p.m. The many spectators take their seats in the Joël Le Theule room, which was reviving after long months of closure due to the works committed to the cultural center of Sable-sur-Sarthe (Sarthe).

This evening of Wednesday August 24, 2022, L’Entracte, a Sabolian cultural association, launched the 44th edition of the Shortbread Festival which gives pride of place to baroque music.

Successful bet for the opening

For this first performance, the L’Entracte team, with the new artistic advisor Laure Baert, bet on the comedy-ballet Forced marriage.

The occasion also to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the birth of Moliere.

A bet that seems successful listening to the many applause that closed this performance of 1h30.

In the room, some children had fun in front of the astonishing gesticulations and the incredible energy of Sganarelle.

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Getting married is far from easy for Sganarelle.
Getting married is far from simple for Sganarelle. ©Sable News

The latter is trying to get married, but fears, above all, that his bride will make him a cuckold!

Marriage (not forced) of the Baroque arts

Very close to the spectators, the Concert Spirituel set the piece to music to the tunes of Lullywhile the dancers of the Compagnie L’Éventail de Sand invaded the stage here and there between the scenes.

The collaboration was such that the musicians also almost took to the stage. It was with fervor that they had fun throwing balls of paper to silence a doctor launched into a much too complex monologue!

A very simple idea by Hervé Niquet [directeur artistique, NDLR]but it works so well.

Laure Baert, artistic director.
sablé festival baroque music
The musicians closer to the public. ©Sable News

” I am impressed “

Three baroque arts brought together for the same performance, which did not leave the public unmoved.

“I am in awe,” confides a spectator after the performance. This is the second time that I have seen these three structures work together. We feel that the message is getting through to the public, that it touches people. The acting is also magnificent. The costumes that we discover are highly sought after”.

shortbread sarthe festival baroque music
A game of actors that touched the public. ©Sable News

“It’s the opening we wanted”

The approach is included in the desire displayed by L’Entracte and the municipality of Sand to open the baroque style to as many people as possible by trying different approaches.

We had to wonder about our festivals. If we don’t question ourselves, we sink. In the program, there is an appointment open from the age of 6 years. This is the opening we wanted.

Nicolas Leudière, mayor of Sablé-sur-Sarthe.

“A great energy for the future”

With 520 registered entries and a room, therefore, almost complete, Laure Baert “can only be delighted” with this first meeting, hoping that the momentum will be maintained for the remaining three days.

laure baert shortbread festival sarthe
For her first evening at the Sablé Festival, Laure Baert is delighted with the reception of the spectators. ©Sable News

“In the end, it was a marriage between the arts, but also between the artists and the spectators which was not at all forced. I am happy to see this connection that there was in the room. It’s a real reward. Here we are with great energy for the rest of the festival. »

To find the continuation of the programming of the Shortbread Festivalclick here.

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VIDEO. Sablé-sur-Sarthe: 520 spectators gathered for the opening night of the 2022 Baroque festival