UCM and TRM come together to present two Easter concerts

This Friday, March 31, the Maule Classical Orchestra will perform at the UCM Extension, Art and Culture Center with two free concerts for school audiences and the general public. This initiative is part of a cycle of five traveling concerts within the framework of Holy Week.

The Orquesta Clásica del Maule, under the direction of Pablo Carrasco, will perform two concerts aimed at school audiences and the general public, with the interpretation of a program made up of three works by Johann Sebastian Bach, as well as “Adagio in G Minor” by Tomaso Albonini and Remo Giazotto, with the solo participation of countertenor Víctor Muñoz.

For the Catholic University of Maule (UCM), this concert represents an opportunity for the university community and the general public to reflect on the religious significance of Holy Week, as reaffirmed by the General Director of Links with the Environment of the House of Studies Superiors. “UCM, in its different spheres of action, seeks to establish relationships with actors in the environment in order to generate initiatives that benefit the community. On this date, it touches us particularly because of our essence as a Catholic institution ”, he maintained.

To the above he added that: “Through music, we want to contribute to the development of spirituality and that culture can be available to everyone. It is a challenge and a goal shared with the Maule Regional Theater, with whom we collaborate in different instances and we are proud that again this year we can jointly invite the community to enjoy a quality concert like this one”.

For her part, the executive secretary of the Maule Regional Theater, Victoria Flores, invited the Maule public to enjoy this concert “The interesting thing about this concert, in addition to being very emotional, is a baroque concert, which has as a guest Pablo Carrasco and a countertenor, therefore, the invitation is to be able to join us in this beautiful room offered by the extension center and be part of this tour of the Maule Classical Orchestra within the framework of Holy Week “.

educational concert

One of the two concerts that will take place at the UCM Extension will be aimed at school audiences in Talca, who will be able to enjoy a unique and enriching educational experience through baroque music.

Concerts can foster creativity and imagination, acting as an inspiration to students who are interested in explaining their own musical talent, along with this, they are a valuable tool to complement the education of students and contribute to the development of understanding and appreciation. music and culture in general.

The invitation is for this Friday, March 31, at 11:00 a.m. for the educational concert (aimed at students from fifth to eighth grade) and at 7:30 p.m. for the concert open to the general public at the UCM Talca Extension, located on Calle 3 North #650. The entrance is free.

UCM and TRM come together to present two Easter concerts – TVMaule