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Come back Turin Spirituality in its XVIII edition: 4 days of lessons, dialogues, readings and meditations to the Circle of readers and in the heart of the city – in meeting and worship places, museum, culture and entertainment spaces – to reflect by comparing knowledge, consciences, cultures and religions to trigger reflections on our time and on our being.

This year’s edition proposes to think around the concept of Skindeep surface of the human being, and a guiding image – an ancient lava rock marked by the traces of contact -, which alludes to the infinite wealth of encounters our skin is witness to, whether ephemeral or lasting. Subtle and at the same time rooted and deep, the skin is the visible map of our existence.

Comment Elena Loewenthaldirector of the Circle of Readers Foundation: “Turin Spirituality returns to animate the city with a theme that is the perfect synthesis of who we are – an indissoluble whole of interiority and appearance, of life inside and outside of us. The skin is not only the largest, indeed boundless organ we have: it is also the frontier that separates us and unites us to the world. This year the festival – coming of age! – will explore the inexhaustible complexity of existence through the skin and the extraordinary ideas that this “deep surface” offers“.

Numerous the appointments and the protagonists of the Festivalwhich address the issue of skin through different perspectives such as that of racism, art, the earth, aesthetics, psychology, self-perception and much more by investigating the boundaries of one’s being.

Among the guests are: the former football activist against racism Lilian Thuram; the Nobel Prize for Literature, Orhan Pamuk; the 2022 Pulitzer Prize Joshua Cohen; the actor Fabrizio Gifuni; Luciana Littizzettothe songwriter Niccolò Agliardithe writer Sabrina Efionayithe journalist Elena Goretti; the neurobiologist Stefano Mancuso; Writer Paolo Nori; the theologian Vito Mancuso and the artist and theatrical actor Alessandro Bergonzonithe writers Nicola Lagioia And Valeria Parrellathe psychoanalyst and essayist Massimo Recalcati; the Dutch writer Jan Brokken; the philosopher Maura Gancitano; the monk Enzo Bianchi with the founder of Torino Spirituality Antonella Paristhe Hindu nun Svamini Hamsananda Giri and the Zen nun Elena Seishin Viviani; the linguist Federico Faloppa; the writer Ubah Cristina Ali Farah with the historian Francesco Filippi; Vittorio Sgarbi in a lectio magistralis; the photographer Oliviero Toscani with Luca Beatrice; the theologian and priest Luigi Maria Epicoco; the ethologist Roberto Marchesini; Cecilia Strada and the former magistrate and essayist Gherardo Colombo in dialogue with Armando Buonaiuto; the Dutch writer and reporter Frank Westerman; the neuroscientist Giorgio Vallortigara; the writers Vincenzo Latronico And Irene Graziosithe content creator Petunia Ollister and the essayist Elisa Cuter.

Torino Spirituality is a project of the Circolo dei conti Foundation, with the contribution of the Piedmont Region, the City of Turin, the Compagnia di San Paolo Foundation, the CRT Foundation, the Turin Chamber of Commerce. With the patronage of the University of Turin. Main partner Banca d’Alba, Lavazza Group. Yogi Tea partner. Technical partners National Cinema Museum Turin, Acqua Sparea.

To know the complete program and participate in the event: here.

“Turin spirituality 2022” at the Circolo dei Lettere | TurinMagazine