Toulouse: when Scientologists proselytize in the street

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Despite the rain, the Church of Scientology, a movement already condemned in France for “organized gang scam”, pitched its tent at Matabiau station. Completely illegal.

The red banner deployed under the barnum is crossed out with a simple word in English:
“Dianetics”. Understand, once Frenchified, “Dianétique” from the name of this religious pseudo-philosophy developed by the American science fiction writer Ron Hubbard, who claims 12 million followers in the world and 45,000 in France. This Sunday, this real church, discreetly established in Toulouse for many years, pitched its tent on the forecourt of the Canal du Midi opposite the Matabiau station to entice the barge and try to convince passers-by of the virtues of a supposed spiritual approach solve their daily problems. With a mantra, “humans are immortal beings who have forgotten their true nature”. A proselytism which is the hallmark of the movement, always on the offensive to recruit new followers. Except that in the absence of authorization requested in good and due form, these Scientologists do not have the right to thus invest the public space.

“They are in violation without authorization
to occupy public space.

“The instructions are clear, we explain at the Capitol, the municipal police’s mission is to verbalize offenders in this kind of situation. These are fifth-class fines which are reported to the public prosecutor and which can reach 1,500 euros, or even 5 times more if it is a legal person “… A threat that does not have the to dissuade the Scientologists regularly present on the scene. “We can’t see everything, but an individual who spots them can warn Hello Toulouse”, specifies the town hall. A few years ago, the Dianetics center on rue Émile Zola launched a major campaign to distribute flyers in Toulouse letterboxes to offer a personality test. A phishing technique that can end badly. In 2013, the Church of Scientology, which is still not officially considered a sect, was already condemned for
“organized gang scam”. Strict distrust, therefore.

Tom Cruise received at the Elysée by Emmanuel Macron

Despite a 1999 report by the interministerial mission for the fight against sects (Mils), which became the interministerial mission for vigilance and the fight against sectarian aberrations (Miviludes), which classified it as an “absolute” sect and recommended its dissolution, the Church of Scientology maintains a powerful network of public relations via famous actors in particular, like John Travolta. Tom Cruise, also a follower of Dianetics, was received in his time by the President of the Republic Nicolas Sarkozy, then more recently by Emmanuel Macron, who had welcomed him discreetly at the Elysée Palace for July 14 2018.

Toulouse: when Scientologists proselytize in the street