Time of Creation, from 18 September the events in the pastoral zone 1 will start


The Feast for the Custody of Creation, promoted by the diocesan group Laudato si ‘, continues in the pastoral zone 1; in fact, the Laudato si ‘group of Zone 1 organizes two events. The first will be in Brignano Gera d’Adda, at the church of S. Agnese, where, in collaboration with the cultural group “Mons Cesare Donini”, the exhibition “Care of the common home” will be exhibited. From 18 to 25 September, in fact, every day, from 10 to 12 and from 17 to 19, in the setting of the Convent, it will in fact be possible to know and reflect, through art, on some of the themes treated by Pope Francis in the encyclical. Laudato si ‘. On 20 September, in the same place, at 8.45 pm, the fundamental themes of the exhibition will be commented by Don Cristiano Re, in charge of the Social Pastoral of the diocese of Bergamo and by Matteo Marsala, co-author of the exhibition.

In the presentation of the exhibition it is said: “We like to think that we can contribute to sensitize our consciences, to take steps towards awakening from the torpor ofglobalized indifference who has made us inactive for convenience; the exhibition does not refer to an appeal to politics but simply wants to stimulate each of us to become an active element of change, improving their habits, never extinguishing the flame of indignation. “

The second appointment will be in Caravaggio, on September 24th, at 4 pm. The meeting “Homo agens. How to move from understanding to ecological action “. The theme will be introduced by Elena Granata, professor of Urban Planning at the Politecnico di Milano and vice president of the School of Civil Economics, author of numerous books on the themes of urban regeneration and biodiversity, as well as vice president of the Scientific Committee and organizer of the CEI Social Weeks. The speech of Professor Granata will be followed by the interventions of those present.

The proposed theme originates from the reading of some data that highlight how the lower Bergamo area, such as the Cremona and Cremasca areas, together with the Brescia area around the “BreBeMi” motorway have been “invaded” by overbuilding interventions, logistics centers and shopping centers, to the detriment of the fertile soil necessary for food. Data from the Higher Institute for Environmental Protection and Research (Ispra) 2021 show that the Province of Cremona (including Crema) had a land consumption of 10.5%; Bergamo by 11.9% and Brescia by 10.4%; the national average is 7.11%. And this trend is constantly growing, despite the commitments are for a reduction. Hence the question: “What can be done to be an actor and move from understanding to effective ecological action?”

This situation is therefore shared with the Dioceses of Bergamo, Brescia and Crema who have accepted the invitation to be part of this moment of dialogue and action. Organizations and groups that have been operating in the area for years in the field of environmental protection and promotion are invited to the meeting and will be able to bring their contribution of ideas and proposals.

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Time of Creation, from 18 September the events in the pastoral zone 1 will start